Plumbrook's PBIS Family Newsletter

March is Reading Month - March 2021

What is PBIS?

• A feeling of safety

• Respect

• Engagement in learning

• Involvement in school life

• Shared vision

• Involvement of teachers, students, and families

Motivation and Engagement

  • What is the number one way to help students learn to read and write? Make them excited about reading and writing! This will help them to see the purpose and provide ways to experience success in reading on a daily basis.
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Kid's Connection

Plumbrook is Wild About Reading

Make sure to participate in our "WIld About Reading" activities this month that can be found on our calendar.

One School, One Book

This March all the classrooms at Plumbrook are reading and following along to the book, A Boy Called BAT, Be sure to ask your child daily about what he/she learned each day about BAT and his family.
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A Boy Called Bat Coloring page

Print this off, color it, and bring it school to hang around the building.