The Nest

Winter Edition

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

Chancey Calendar of Events

Field trip information is also on the Google calendar

Upcoming Events

  • Dec. 17 Picture Retake (rescheduled from Dec. 8)
  • Dec. 17 4:15 SBDM
  • Dec. 17 6:30 Winter Program
  • Dec. 21-Jan. 1 Winter Break
  • Jan. 12 Report Card
  • Jan. 18 No School MLK Observance

Top Winners for Chancey Challenge!!!!!! #SillyShot

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Chancey Challenge Pajama Dance Party

By Marissa Lowry

The pajama dance party of 2015 was a celebration for students that raised money for the Chancey Challenge! Students partied in their pajamas to different songs, formed a long line, held onto each other’s shoulders and did the Congo! It was so much fun! At the end, students gathered for a group photo.

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Conflict vs Bullying

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Chancey's Journalism Club

Donna Little

Chancey Elementary has a new club called the journalism club! The journalism club is made up of fifth grade students who focus on writing, photography and Chancey community news for the school newspaper, The Nest. Student reporters are excited to wear their press credentials, pitch story ideas and sharpen their interviewing techniques as they learn this aspect of media.

Here is a bit about our reporter’s that they wanted to share with you:

Lennox enjoys playing video games, has an I-phone 6 and one sister and no brothers, while Carter loves Wisconsin and basketball, plays for the Chancey basketball team and his jersey number is ten. Marissa’s favorite food is chicken, she is an only child with zero pets and enjoys swimming in the Summer and playing basketball.

Eric “aka” E-Breezy, likes playing video games, watching his favorite TV show, Boondocks and his favorite color is blue. Blue is also a favorite color of Anniah who loves pizza, wears black glasses and has black hair and is in Mrs. Ballard’s room. Sydney, who is also in Mrs. Ballard’s room, likes shopping for clothes with her mom, enjoys gymnastics and loves the color purple.

Jayden’s favorite color is blue, he enjoys watching his favorite TV show SpongeBob and playing football. Tania loves sewing, Summer, pasta and anything chocolate! Quelcy is on the cheer team for Chancey, she enjoys going to the movies, is in Mrs. Lotze’s class and pasta is her favorite food. Last but not least, Zenaat was born in a different country, is the oldest of three and has two guinea pigs and seven pet fish.


By Carter Chapman

By Marissa Lowry

Basketball Kickoff

Do you like basketball? If so, its basketball season and the Chancey Cardinals team has been practicing and working hard. The 2015-2016 Chancey Cardinals are coached by Kent Chapman and Larry Jackson. Our first game is coming up on Friday, December 4 and we play Dunn Elementary at 6:00 p.m. at Westport Middle School located at 8100 Westport Road, (502) 485-8346. The cost is $1.00 for kids under 12 and $2.00 for adults.

Cardinal Personality

This basketball season, the Chancey Cardinals are more than just good, they are great! Players on the team have many different personalities and talent levels. Here is the new and improved basketball team roster:

· Da’von Martin

· Aiden “Rocky” Jones

· Spencer Jones

· Andy Conway

· Jordan Murphy

· Tyler Freeman

· Cordell Downs

· Cameron Edwards

· Carter Chapman

· Lennox Jackson

· Marissa Lowry

· Matthew Williams

· Davion Bibb

· Demetrius Dunlap

· Athoba Athoba

Let's Cheer for Chancey!

By: Quelcy Hargrove

By: Zenaat Malik

Cheering for Chancey Elementary School is a great way to make friends, stay physically fit and promote school spirit. According to Jada Bishoff, a Chancey cheerleader, “Cheerleading is a great way to make friends and to perform in front of people.” Additionally, cheerleaders need to have a good attitude, and be able to perform a variety of routines which builds confidence.

Cheerleading Coach Williams says, “Cheerleading is a chance to participate in extracurricular actives that promote fitness and build confidence.” Most girls interested in cheering become involved with the sport in 4th and 5th grade. Fifth grader, Riona Whalen said,” I thought cheerleading would be a fun thing to do for my last year of elementary school.”

Cheerleading requires athletic skills like jumping, dancing, tumbling and flipping. Also, yelling out cheers to spice up the crowd is a requirement. Some cheerleaders even go on to college on a cheerleading scholarship. And just think, cheering for Chancey maybe where they started.

Girls on the Run

Tania M. Vergara-Gongora

Why is it fun?

Girls On The Run is fun because girls that are friends with each other get to see their friends after school. They also make new friends with girls of the same age. Participation in Girls On The Run allows girls to exercise, learn how to become healthier and enjoy healthy snacks together. Girls work hard preparing for the big 5K run which happens at the end of the program.

How did it all start?

The program started at Northeast Christian Church and Northeast Health Care who also sponsored interested Chancey students.

Have you ever imagined?

Have you ever imagined that your school counselor runs? Well, girls in the group didn’t know that our school counselor, Mr. Cahill runs. I’ve never seen him run until I heard about and got involved with Girls On The Run. Mr. Cahill supports the program along with two other male coaches.

When and where do we run?

Girls On The Run has ten girls on the team that meet on Monday’s and Thursday’s after school from 4:00-5:30 p.m. At most meetings we run 2-3 miles. Girls are challenged to run around Chancey Lake (back of school) since it’s in the form of a circle and is fenced. The running goal is always increased in preparation for the 5K at Watterson Park in downtown Louisville.