Team Hill Update

DFES Title One, March 19, 2015

Miss Kirkley Introduces the Metric System

The students were very excited that Miss Kirkley, our DFHS teacher cadet, engaged our class in her first lesson teaching! Students had a great time building creations out of straws and measuring the height of their creations in centimeters.

Be sure to check this out!

DFES Academy of Environmental Sciences

Nature Trail/Project Clean Up Day

Saturday, April 18th 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

At DFES we believe in learning through authentic primary resources and that it leads to social action. These areas will provide many hands-on experiences and places for learners to explore the world around them. The more involved our students are in the creation and care of these spaces the more authentic connections to their learning about the environment they will make.

DFES Families and Staff, please join us as we have many projects to complete around our school to make it a better place for our kids to learn and grow! We will continue working on our nature trail and outdoor classroom areas.

Many hands are needed! We also need tools and heavy equipment. If you are able to help us on this day, please contact Emily Perkins at so that we will know how many people we can count on and what jobs you are able to do. Plan to bring your own lunch. Water will be provided. Participating students must be accompanied by a participating adult.

____You can count on us! Our contact information is: ___________________________. This is how many of us are coming ____#. Name(s): _________________________________________________________________________

We are willing to bring: ___work gloves ____dirt rake _____pruners (extendable and regular) _____saw ____ax _____ machete _____ *Special Project

*Special Project: We have already done a lot of clean up and have piles of trash that need to get moved up to the top so that a truck/trailer can be loaded to remove all of it. We are in need of small loading equipment such as tractor with a cart, 4 wheeler with cart, or possibly a front-end loader. If you are interested in helping in this capacity and have questions, please contact Amy Umberger at

Spring Party

Friday, March 27th, 2pm

7900 Broad River Road

Irmo, SC

Please see sign up genius link below to send in refreshments for the class:)

Here's what is going on in our classroom!

Math: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Science: Investigating the properties of light

Social Studies: Westward Expansion and the effects on pioneers, native americans and African Americans. Our simulation of "moving west" takes place next week!

Writing: Completing persuasive essays, editing and deciphering writing prompts

Reading: Constantly making inferences as we read and making connections to prior texts.

Important Dates to post:

March 25- Science unit test on Light (Study guide came home 3-18)

March 26- Ch. 9 assessment on adding /subtracting fractions

March 27- Social Studies unit test on Westward Expansion

March 28- April 6- Spring Break

April 6- Easter Monday- No School

April 10- Tag of Honor for 3rd quarter

April 28- ACT Aspire Writing Test/ ELA Test

April 29- ACT Aspire Math Testing

May 12- Saluda Shoals Field Experience