Flip Notes

Mrs. Clemens' English Class

Learning the Process of Flip Notes and the Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Class process takes an INCREDIBLE MIND SHIFT for the teacher, the students and the parents.

First week of school: tell the students they need a Flip Spiral and the Flipping starts next week.

Second week: watch the videos and take the notes together so the students know exactly what you expect of them the following week when the Flip happens.

Third Week-Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights are Flip Notes nights...there will be a quiz the following day over the notes.

IF THE STUDENTS DOES NOT DO FLIP NOTES--THEY WILL FAIL ENGLISH--Mrs. Clemens or another teacher is available with a computer the students can use BEFORE and AFTER school, and the library is open before school. "No internet access at home" is not an excuse.

Flip Notes Schedule 2014-2015

Monday Nights

Tuesday Nights

Wednesday Nights

There will not be Flip Notes on the weekend unless specified by Mrs. Clemens.

There will not be Flip Notes on Thursday nights, either, unless specified by Mrs. Clemens.

The Flipped Class-

The Flipped Classroom is structured for the student to take notes on and learn the material at home, and apply the information in class with the teacher's support and guidance.

For so long, homework has been the application of the material, and when the students complete the work incorrectly, they either do not realize it, or they get frustrated and begin hating the subject.

A Flipped Class allows the material to be learned at home so the teacher is present to watch the application. The teacher can catch any issues that arise and hopefully understand why the student is making that mistake and can help correct this misunderstanding on the spot.