(Open house)

Earthquakes PBL!!!

The earthquake pbl project was super fun because you got to learn how to design and model a house like a engineer

Driving question? How can you use the materials we used to create your own invention? The earthquake pbl project was about having to build Tony Stark (aka IronMan) a earthquake proof house. It all started when Iron mans house fell of the cliff because of a huge earthquake in one of the movies. The Earthquake pbl project was super fun and i hope we can do it again some other day.

Atmosphere 30 hands project

For our Atmosphere 30 hands project we created a pic collage of about 9 different slides about Global Warming and uploaded it to the app 30 hands we then were able to record and turn it into google drive


Invention Convention

So for my groups invention we decided to do a bicycle with a jetpack. I know what your thinking thats dangerous well thats why it comes with a safety parashoot just in case. This solves problems by flying over traffic also it prevents car crashes and avoiding axidents

Opional extra credit

my favorite unit this whole year was the earthquake unit because I already studied earthquakes and it was really cool learning more about it and building up my knowledge