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Slide By Jill Hathaway

About the book

I have recently finished Slide by Jill Hathaway and this book kept me at the edge of the chair when the climax started. In the starting I found this book boring because it had a lot of story development but starting at chapter 10 it started getting better. In this book there is Vee(main character), Mattie(Vee’s sister), Zane(Vee’s boyfriend) , Rollins(Vee’s old friend), Sophie(Mattie’s friend), Amber(Mattie’s other friend) and many more characters but they were the ones that were introduced first. As I said in last times reading journal Vee can slide out of her mind into others by touching something of the people that she will slide into. Her mother died of cancer and at that time her father had an affair with another women and no one in their family knew. In this book Mattie’s friends died and Vee slide into the murderers mind when they killed them. The murderer killed the girls at different times and people started thinking that they suicide. The girls were cheerleaders including Mattie. Mattie was going to get killed with a lot of other people but she got saved. Afterwards the whole family found out about the affair which made Vee regret liking Zane. There was something so shocking that happened in this book was that the murderer was someone that Vee would never even thought of.

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This quote was said by Vee or Sylvia(her full name).

Whose Perspective was it written from?

This book was written from Vee’s perspective because she was the one that solved the mystery. If this book was written from the killer’s perspective then we would know who killed the girls which wouldn't be interesting. Also because she was the one who could slide into the people which made it very interesting to read because it made you think that this person killed the girls but they actually didn't. I think the author decided to tell the story from her perspective because she was around our age group and then she would think like us.


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