by Mallory Dyar

Battle of midway

After the attack on pearl Harbor and the battle of the Battle of the Coral Sea . The U.S attacked the Japanese fleet which left it damaged.The Fleet is the marine corps.

The attack on pearl harbor

On December 7 1941 Japan attacked the United States Navel base in pearl harbor Hawaii.Witch the made us want to join the war.

Battle of Iowa Jima

It was a major battle where the U.S tries to take over a two entire Japanese island with three airfields . It was one the bloodiest deadliest war that the United States won.


D-Day was when the allied powers team up and go France to fight. To take back the land Adolf Hitler had taken from France that he invaded. The allied forces had more casualties than Hitler did but they won. So Hitler had to leave the land he had invaded.

V-J Day

V-J Day is (victory over japan day ) was a celebration for the allied powers because Japan surrendered in 1945.


The Holocaust was started because of Adolf Hitler when he was elected dictator. He was very weird about the Jewish people. We put a big J on almost everything like there passport. Which means if they went to a place where someone was not Jewish they could beat them or chose to not serve them. Another thing they did was concentration camps they were prison camps for if you were . It was a place where they put you there for your religion.Like a crime you did not do.

Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagassaki

Japan was refusing to sign a surrender. so the United States decided to drop atomic bombs over two of there cites Hiroshima and Nagasaki .then japan fianally surrendered so we had v-j day.

v-e day

It was a sign which meant that the war was over. Because the axis powers had surrendered. The holiday was held on May 8 1945.