Christian and Raida


The French explores were the first Europeans to arrive in Illinois.Abraham Lincoln was born and later became president.Later he was killed by John Wilkes booth.He played a big role in Illinois because he was born a big role and did great things for the people of Illinois.The great Chicago fire started in October 8 1871.It only lasted for 31hours.The reason it burned for 31 hours because most of the buildings were made of wood.In the great Chicago fire at least 300 people died in the fire.After the great Chicago fire in the 1880's the first skyscraper was made out of steel.In Chicago there was a well known ganster named Al capone. The worst tornado to hit Illinois March 18 1925.It crossed 200 miles,62 miles per hour,killed people from Missouri,Illinois,Indiana.

Fun facts

Did you know Illinois covers 56,400 sq miles? The real name of Illinois is Illini Indians. The hottest it got was 117".Did you know that Chicago downtown area is called the loop. The capital of Illinois is Springfield?

Geography and landforms

The Ohio and the Mississippi River meet. The state Illinois has a vast of prairies.It also a region that of corn belt.Illionis has the best farming regions. A fertile strip reached aross the west. Prairie flower mostly covered the state. The state Illinois kind of looks like a key state. Sixty percent of Illinois is prairie.Farms have eighty percent of land

Recreation and intertanmet

Illinois has many places to do and see.Here are a few of them. The sky deck 103 stories high up to the top of the sears tower. A fun place to visit is the art institute of Chicago.If you would like to relax than go to Jumer Rock Island.A place to go is Wrigley Feild to watch the Chicago Cubs play.You could go to Lake Michigan and swim and walk on the beach.You could go to cloud gate or go to millennium park.