Frigidaire Chest Freezer 8.8 cu ft


Frigidaire Chest Freezer FFN09M5HW 8.8 Cubic Feet Capacity

This chest freezer is a workhorse perfect for hunters, gardeners needing to freeze produce, or just thrifty bargain mavens needing to freeze their discount finds. Its dimensions - 24" deep, 41" wide and 33" high - mean it doesn't take up a lot of space in a basement or pantry.

It has a nice light for the interior so you can see into all the corners and an outside light near the handle means you can check at a glance that it is receiving power. Two adjustable baskets and interior bump outs make it easy to reach all items and arrange the freezer for maximum efficiency.
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Only $75 cash or paypal. Pickup will need to happen at our location. No solicitations or outside offers.

Energy Star Appliance!

I still have the manual and energy guide label for it (its only six years old) and its annual estimated yearly operating cost is $28.

Contact via email or text preferred.