Mrs.Knodle is a super boss teacher

Writing is hard when you're writing essays.

She teaches us how to write essays the right way and prepares us for high school, and college.

Every day at 2nd and 6th period she teaches us reading, writing, and learning grammar.

She gives us all sorts of things we can learn from, stories, homework, and the grammar book. We do a daily language review(DLR) to keep our grammar in tip top shape.

Eric Bruder, Amy Knodle, Lacy Glenn, Kelly Hoehn, Randy Meyer, Richard Carlile

What is different about this class compared to math you ask.

Reading is easier and more fun than math, because it doesn't make you tired or bored. Reading is fun.

The learning process of Nokomis.

Nokomis is a small town that has a good education. Some people might say we can't achieve success but I say we can. With the right learning skills we can achieve anything.
How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature #1