Road to Perseverance

By: Kate McGuire


The people I'm going to be talking about in this newsletter is Paige Rawl, people in the book Waiting For Normal & Orphan Train Rider and way more. The definition to Perseverance is - the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult.

Paige Rawl

Paige Rawl was diagnosed with HIV when she was just born. But her parents didn't know that until Paige's mom was diagnosed with HIV so then they went to check Paige and Paige was diagnosed with HIV. Sadly her dad died right before they found out that both of them had HIV. Her dad died from a AIDS-related illness. Her world turned all upside down when Paige told her best friend about her HIV Status.

Waiting for Normal

In the book waiting for normal this girl named Addie had to go through a hard life too. Her parents were divorced but her mom didn't want her going to her dads house so she didn't go there often. She only went there for Christmas once because her mom was going away. But then after Christmas Addie went back to her moms house. Also Addie and her mom didn't really have a lot of money so she had to go through that in her life too. Addie and her mom lived in a trailer under train tracks so now u see that she docent have a lot of money to buy a nice house like Addie's dad's house.

Orphan Train Rider

The book I read for book club is called orphan train rider. Its all about this boy and his brother and a bunch of other people riding on a orphan train. Also they are orphans and they have like no life because they have no family close that can take care of them. One of the character's name is Leo and he has a hard time in life but he has his brother Lee that he can always count on him. But all I'm saying is that all of the orphan train riders have a very hard life of what they have to go through.

Winston Churchill

One of the other readings that we read was winston Churchill. He showed perseverance by battling in the war and going through a hard life. He also had to fight Adolf Hitler at the same time. So he had a lot on his hands but he figured it out. So thats how Winston Churchill battled and survived that time of his life.