By: Musa J.

What to see

Suriname has alot to offer to tourists. From the exotic rain forests to the rempent and one of a kind culture.

Must see sites are:

The waterfalls


Moengo Culture Experience

Background and Geography info

Capital: Suriname

Major cities: Apoera, Albina

Was controlled by the English then the Dutch independent in 1975

You should know Dutch, it is their official language.

In South America

Has Mountains, Valleys, Lakes

Political, Diplomatic, Economic and Trade Information

Currency: Surinamese Dollar

Economic system: Capitalism


capital equipment, petroleum, foodstuffs, cotton, consumer goods


US 26%, Netherlands 16%, China 9.9%, UAE 8.1%, Antigua and Barbuda 6.7%, Netherlands Antilles 4.9%, Japan 4.3% (2012)


alumina, gold, crude oil, lumber, shrimp and fish, rice, bananas


US 25.7%, Belgium 17.4%, UAE 11.5%, Canada 10.3%, Guyana 5.8%, France 5.5%, Barbados 4.2% (2012)

Type of Government: Constitutional Democracy

Leader: President Desire Delano Bouterse

Diplomacy: Ok with all countries besides French Guain and Guyana be because of claim over land.