Last Day Of Summer!!!!

Reach Out!

Last Minute effort

Ok Ladies, It's crunch time! I challenge you all to contact 5 people today about our Free Balm Special! I have sent out emails, done FB etc, but I sent out several texts yesterday and I know they are effective. Try calling or texting your best clients.

If you are new and just started this venture, complete your WHY story today. Open a Mailchimp account or a Smore account (you get like 5 free flyers) load your contact list, and send out your first newsletter.

I know this is uncomfortable to do! I hated it, but guess what?!! Not one single person has unsubscribed, and no one has responded with being annoyed. They are all happy for me and interested in what I am doing. Take the leap!! I promise it is worth it!!

Points to address:

  • your WHY story
  • what you love about the company
  • your favorite products
  • Our final Sale day for the balm

Trust me, it takes 30 minutes, but it gets the ball rolling!!!

September Call Series

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Preservatives 101

Preservatives kill microbes, and most products on the market heavily overuse them.

By Law all products containing water must have a preservative in them. But the way products are packaged play into what type of preservative you will need. PH level matters, the type of products matters, whether it is leave on or rinse off, is it heavily scented?? All of these things matter.

Most Beautycounter products have less than 5% preservatives and we use about 9 different ones. All proven safe and nontoxic.

Keep in mind preservatives are like antibiotics. Over time people can develop allergies to them or even build immunity to them. Beautycounter is working with UC Berkley to develop new, clean, green solutions for the marketplace.

3 weeks left

So we have 3 more weeks in September, I hope you have all established your goals for the month. If I can be any help let me know. If you want to share your goals with me, I will help you stay accountable. Molly always helps me stay accountable! So let me know what works for you!!

Next week if you would like to do an online Social please pick a date ASAP so I can get it prepared and you have plenty of time to notify friends and family! I have Thursday Evening the 10th open, Sunday evening the 13th, and Monday the 14Th open. Let's get it on the calendar and get it rolling!!

Have a great Back to School week everyone!!!!