Argentinian Athlete Salome Bancora

The amazing 2014 olympic athlete


Hi my name is Salome Bancora and I am competing in the 2014 winter olympics. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am 20 years old. I still live in Argentina right now! I’m representing Argentina in Alpine skiing.

Alpine skiing basics

My wonderful sport of Alpine Skiing made it’s olympic debut in the olympics featuring a mens and women's combined event. There are a downhill race and 2 slalom runs.

I have composed a list of the following the basics of each part of Alpine skiing

• downhill: a steep descent against time

• slalom: a short race featuring sharp turns around flags

• giant slalom: longer, looser version of the slalom

• super G: slalom race that is a bit faster and longer than the giant slalom

• combined: one downhill run followed by two slalom runs; fastest combined time wins.

Previous winners

Viktoria Rebensburg, Tina Maze, and Elisabeth Görgl won the gold, silver, and bronze medals in that order.


You would need some things for alpine skiing. You will need good ski boots. You would need good bindings. And of course you would a very good pair of skis and a lot of snow. Yiou would also need a helmet, googles, ski suit. But of course there is summer so you would a special kind ski. there ism a pair of them below.


Men's Canadian Alpine Ski Team Summer Training
Women's Canadian Alpine Ski Team - summer 2012
Tina Maze - MY WAY IS MY DECISION / 2014 Olympic DH Gold Medal Champion - GOLDEN MEDAL


So if you want my opinion, i think that Alpine Skiing qualifies as an olympic sport. You have to do tons of training that takes up a lot of time. You also have to maintain an extremely heathly diet. You have to do that for figure skating, gymnastics, and especially a biathlon, so why not Alpine Skiing.


A lot things can happen if you decide that you want to become an alpine skier. It is the sport where you get hurt the most expect maybe for football. Almost 50% of alpine skiers say that they hurt their knee’s anterior cruciate ligament (ACL, the interior knee ligament which holds the knee joint together). Also skiers often hurt their thumbs.


Salome Bancora has won 26th out of 72 competitors in Alpine Skiing.


Madison Taylor


2-21-14-Olympic athlete report

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