Letter To The Editor

Lifestyles of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

by Michael Jenkinson, Student, 1789

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my total displeasure at the way King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette are living. King Louis is too young and immature to rule anyone--he has surrounded himself with very poor advisors. Not that he would listen to them anyway! According to Dowd, and myself and all of the common people that I am writing to represent, the King just does not understand people! He acts superior to all others and is just to young to be a king. He can not concentrate on all of the duties that a king should concentrate on, instead he and his wife spend all of France's money on their lavish home, clothing and parties. And where does this money come from? From the taxes we must pay! We can not afford to feed our families even a loaf of bread, while the King and Queen dress in the finest clothing and eat banquets daily. Marie Antoinette is also just too young and immature to be known as queen. Marrying into a monarchy at just 14 years old did her and this country no favors. Her clothing can not be rivaled, and even the poorest soul knows what she is wearing and would love to copy it, if only they could afford to. She spends and spends and spends and yet we the people get nothing in return. We work and work and yet the King and Queen only show off with their fun and games, and yet they expect us to love and honor them. They have nothing to be loved and honored for. Until they lead us with new ideas, ideas that make all of the citizens educated, fashionable and no longer hungry they will be resented. I am all for an uprising, a revolution from the Third Estate--the hard working citizens of the country of France, to take charge and change this lavish lifestyle of the King and Queen to a leader that actually helps his people.

EXTRA EXTRA!!!! King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Have Been Executed, 1793

Details About The Executions, Michael Jenkinson

Marie Antoinette was once a sensation--the French public was entranced by her style and beauty. But that did not last long. As a queen, Marie Antoinette was no friend to the people. She lived a fairy tale life in a lavish palace built just for her on the grounds of Versailles. Meanwhile, peasants and common people starved throughout France. Her hair and clothing were mind boggling but not worth destroying a nation's economy. On October 16, 1793, she was sentenced to death. The charges against her were treason, and the country was actually joyous on this day. Her famous hair was cut off and she was beheaded in front of a monumental crowd.

Louis XVI was a poor leader who could not deal with the business of running a country--too many financial problems, too many bad decisions, too much self interest--the list goes on and on. As the revolution raged on, he and his queen were forced to move, to flee to Austria, and to finally return to Paris in shame. Louis, along with Marie Antoinette was imprisoned in 1792 and both were tried. Louis was charged with treason and was sentenced to death. On January 21, 1793 he was marched to the guillotine and beheaded.

Napoleon Tells All In This Exclusive Interview, by Michael Jenkinson,1804

MJ: Mr. Bonaparte, tell us about yourself.

NP: My full name is Napoleone di Buonaparte and I was born in Corsica.

MJ: Where did you go to school?

NP: I am a graduate of the Ecole Militaire in Paris. I received my commision in artillery. I am a brilliant strategist and was born to be a soldier and a leader of armies. My armies have always been modern and dedicated.

MJ: Tell us about some of your military campaigns.

NP: There are so many! I was leading troops against Britain in Toulon and was promoted to Brigadier General, naturally. I was in charge of the troops during the Parisian uprising and did such a superior job that I was put in charge of a victorious Italian campaign.

MJ: Well then what led you to become a leader of France?

NP: Not just of France, but of the whole world! I became first consul and then put myself on board as sole dictator. I know how to rule so why not?

MJ: Did everyone support you?

NP: But of course! Like I always say--"Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them. If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing."

MJ: So you regret nothing?

NP: No I am the Emperor of a great empire. It's not like I'm going to suddenly be exiled or anything.

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