~I am~

I am happy and caring

I wonder what feels like to not have family

I hear the birds chirping

I see beautiful flowers

I want to see myself achieve my goals in the future

I am happy and caring

I pretend that everything is okay

I feel like i'm really happy

I touch the soft flower petals

I worry about the future of the United States

I cry when i get stressed out

I am happy and caring

I understand that i am going to grow up

I say that I will never give up

I dream that i will be successful in the future

I try my hard to achieve my goals

I hope that i will grow up to be a loving woman

I am happy and caring

Life Memoir

~I'm living life to the fullest~

4x4 Fun Facts

  • I love to tumble
  • I love to be outdoors
  • I love to shoot skeet
  • blonde hair blue eyes

My life as a Twin

Having a twin has its ups and downs. Its just like having another you running around,double the trouble. She is my best friend and a person i can trust and always count on. Me and my sister have to share a room its not as bad as it sounds its just like having a roommate as your best friend. She is my other half and always will be, I love having a twin i wouldn't trade it for anything.
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A Bend in the Road by: Nicholas Sparks: Book 4x4 summary

A bend in the Road by:Nicholas Sparks

  • Myles kid named Jonah
  • Myles wife passes away
  • Brian hides a secret
  • Drama, Love, finding each other
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