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Eastlake High School 9.16.19

Greetings from Eastlake High School


Can you hear that? It's the sound of Fall Break and a much needed break. I hope you have great plans. It's been a great week of school spirit with Homecoming around the corner. We also had a great opportunity to engage in professional development and dialogue around common expectations. Let's make it a great week heading into the break. Here are some big picture items for your consideration:

A. Global Climate Walkout. At the last board meeting, our district approved a resolution in Support of Youth Climate Action." I have included the informational flyer below. To support our students in regards to the walkout, we will be doing the following:

1. We will recognize the students's rights to voice their concerns in an organized and respectful manner. I have met with some students who want to lead the campaign. Please continue to teach and adjust as necessary.

2. At 9:00 AM on Friday, September 20th, in unity with other students around the nation and world, students may exercise their rights to walkout of class to the quad area to engage in several activities such as a poster signing, speeches and/or watching video clips.

3.We not necessarily advertise the walkout, but feel free to engage and educate students about their choices. I will resend the email from Dr. Fulcher with additional information. The students will be supervised. The event will lead into nutrition break. Students are expected to be in their next period class or they will be marked truant.

Our police are also aware of this event and will be on alert to support safety.

B. Faculty Meeting. We will see you this Wednesday for some important information about the HERE Now Program and your newly appointed WASC groups.

C. Cycle and 5K Eastlake. We need community partners in this process. The Eastlake Education Foundation are generous supporters of our school's mission and provide us with many different resources including a check for $20,000! Please see the flyer below and let's have you and your family and friends join us! We need 70 families (staff and community) to represent our awesome high school.

Thanks for being an awesome staff. Make some great plans for the break. On October 7th, you will report to your assigned district site for PD for your subject area. I will send out more information once all sites have been selected for each subject. We will return as a group on the 8th. Our meeting on the 8th will be shortened due to going over our time at the beginning of the year inservice day. I will have some information for you about construction for the drop-off zone before we report back to school. Get some rest and enjoy time with your family, friends and passions. Go Titans!

In Service,

Ricardo Cooke, Ed.D.

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Global Climate Change Walkout

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Cycle and 5K Run (Eastlake Education Foundation)

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HERE Now Program

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Classroom Needs

Add your concerns to the list and we will do our best to address your needs.

Week at a Glance

Click here for a calendar of school events.

Classroom Observation Schedule

Click here to see the observation schedule. Remember... for now, we will ask the students the WHAT, WHY and HOW of learning. We are going to ask up to five students about learning goals and will record the data for us.

You Light Up Eastlake Award Winners!

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Titan and SEL Communication Challenge

Each week, I will post a simple challenge. Some of you do these challenges already. I invite you to take a moment to mix it up for yourself and get even more connected to our school community.

This week's Titan Challenge: This week I ask students what they plan to do for the break.

Self-Care Challenge

I care deeply about the staff. We give so much of ourselves to our students and parents. Take time for balance and reflection.

Self-Care Challenge: Plan your break to include downtime!

Community Leadership Meetings

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Titans in Action!

In the Classroom!

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On the Fields/Courts/Floor

First Assembly in the Gym!

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Let's Go Field Hockey (JV)!

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The Titan Way Pin!

We are recognizing students with Eastlake Titan Way pins. It has been awesome recognizing these great students who demonstrate respectful language, attitude and actions!
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Our Team

Remember the Titans... Always!
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