Appearance, Production, and Uses

Basic Info

  • Staple crop of Asia and Africa
  • Grown in harsh environments with little water and no fertilizers
  • Cheap, easy to maintain crop
  • Considered the "poor man's crop" and "inferior" to other grains
  • Also known as Great Millet, Guinea Corn, Kafir, Dura, and more

Harvesting and Pests

  • Modern Harvesters where available
  • Hand harvesting in poor regions
  • Stem borer
  • Striga


  • Primary source of calories in Africa
  • Used in whole in Africa
  • Made into cereal
  • Made into flour
  • Used as feed internationally
  • Ethanol research


  • White through red and brown to pale yellow to deep purple-brown
  • Commonly white, bronze, and/or brown
  • Spherical kernels that vary in size and shape


  • Originated in northeast Africa and India
  • 1000 BC: Reported in India
  • 1000 BC-200 AD: Spreading across Eastern Africa
  • 200 AD-19th Century: Spread across all of Africa
  • 19th Century: Arrived in America with Slave Traders
  • 21st Century: Rarely traded locally or internationally