Dress Codes

The Do's and Don't's

3 Dress Codes I Agree With, and Why?

1) Formal Wear (Prom) - Prom is a privelege, as well as a formal event, and for someone to down dress is a sign of disrespect.

2) Workplace (Lawfirm, Funeral Director, etc.) - Work place dress codes are used to enforce the proffesional atmosphere in a workplace.

3) School - Even though I do not agree with certain aspects of the schjool enforced dress code, I do believe that a vast majority of it is puit into place to keep others from becoming an open target to harassment of many kinds.

3 Dress Codes I Do Not Agree With, and Why?

1) Churches - As religious as some can be, one of the main principles in every religion is to not judge others, and by limiting the way others can dress, you're doing exactly that.

2) Open-Toed Shoes (For Teachers) - Teachers are not students and have gone through the things students have. To put them on that same level as a student, is completely and udderly absurd.

3) Hats - Hats were used, in times, to show gang affiliation, but now everybody wears them.

3 Dress Codes I Believe Should be Enforced

1) Short- Shorts - Shorts that do not cover certain guidlines are potentially a distraction to the male population, and could possibly be used to target victims of certain kinds of harassment.

2) Tube Tops - Tops should be able to cover all of females' chests and other areas, seeing as school is a place to learn and be safe, not to show off how good your body looks in a top.

3) Muscle Tanks - Boys should not be an exception to the rules, with their chests and other areas showing in plain view of others.

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