Open House Smore Flyer

By Brian Pae Period 2

Earthquake PBL

The main purpose of the project was to see if we could build a safe and sturdy home to withstand earthquakes. The driving question our group came up with for the project was how can we, as structural engineers, create a two story house in California for Tony Stark that would withstand seismic activity? Our design was based on a structure with clay for walls with support beams that would support the walls from collapsing or in any earthquake. The main points learned from this project was how to build a structure that would be safe from earthquakes and how to work together as a team.

30 Hands

I learned in this project how the greenhouse effect, global warming, and fossil fuels play a major role in making this planet worse. I liked working alone the most which led me to work more efficently and quickly than with a partner.

Invention Convention

Our invention solves probauly one of the major problems today, polution. How does our invention do that? It solves pollution as it acts as a grinder and generator for power. The trash gets thrown into a grinder, is made into gas, and then gets distilled, finally it forms power and takes trash from just being dumped on the ground.
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Tusd Haiku



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