Grade 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 14 Christmas Term: 16th - 20th November 2016

Special Request:

Please could your child bring a painting apron/old t-shirt/old shirt to put over their uniform on MONDAY, ready for our Science experiment on Tuesday. Thank you.


We have had an exciting History based week in IPC. We have learnt about Egyptian writing and tried writing hieroglyphics ourselves. We have also practised our research skills and used secondary sources to find out about Egyptian Gods, Goddesses and Pharoahs.

Next week we move on to the Geography part of the unit. We will learn what a map is and begin to look at how to make one. We will use symbols and keys to plot national treasures on a map of Singapore. We will use manipulatives to make a map of our classroom.

There will be a home learning task for IPC this week - please see below.

Useful websites that might interest you:

Have fun!

Language Arts

In Language Arts, we have primarily been focusing on reading comprehension skills. We have linked this with the Egyptian theme in IPC. The children have worked on several comprehension tasks which have involved using their literal retrieval skills. The children have been asked to show exactly where in the text they have found answers to questions. We are beginning to verbally introduce more inferential style questions, which require a deeper level of thinking.

In writing, the children are beginning to write their own version of 'How to make a Mummy.' We modeled how to write an introduction and the children have begun to write their own guide, gruesome parts included!

In spelling we have focused on the sounds or, er, ir, ur, air and ear. We will be focusing on the prefixes un and dis next week.

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In Maths, we are learning our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 multiplication tables. We have practiced skip counting, singing and recalling them backwards and forwards.

Earlier this week, we focused on how multiplication and division are related naming them 'fact families'. We practiced finding the 4 equations for a fact family for the 2, 5 and 10 tables, noticing the relationship between the numbers (4 x 5 = 20, 5 x 4 = 20 so 20 ÷ 5 = 4, 20 ÷ 4 = 5). Later on, we began to learn our 3 and 4 tables, committing them to memory by skip counting and practice. We used concrete materials to solve multiplication equations and found quick methods to find answers using related facts.

Next week, we will continue to practice our multiplication facts. We will focus on the related facts for both the 3 and 4 multiplication tables, knowing that a multiplication fact can be written in any order (4 x 3 = 16 and 3 x 4 =16). Then we will begin by looking at the relationship with division, finding the fact family for an equation.

Home Learning

Week 15 - due Friday 27th November 2015

Maths: Please complete the pages provided to you, please complete in pencil and use a ruler when drawing straight lines.

Spelling: Please complete the spelling sheet and remember to complete one spelling activity on Thursday. Please do this in your Home Learning book and remember to write and underline the title.

Remember to join ALL handwriting.

Handwriting: Please see your child's Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page using pencil.

Reading: Remember to read with an adult for 10-20 minutes each night. Practise re-telling the main points in the text.

Remember to record all reading books in the reading log found in the back of your organiser.

Upcoming events

Science Day

On Tuesday 24th November we will be hosting our very first Science Day here at SJIIES. Grade 2's experiment is a messy one! Please can your child bring a painting apron/old shirt/t-shirt to wear over their uniform on MONDAY, ready for the experiment on Tuesday.

School Disco

Field Trip to Fort Canning Art Museum

As part of our IPC unit of work, we will be visiting Fort Canning Art Museum on Monday 30th November 2015. The purpose of this visit is for the children to be able to identify, appreciate, explore and examine many art pieces and have lots of fun sketching favourite pieces. This will then provide them with a broader knowledge of treasure.

Grade 2 Zoo Expedition

Thursday and Friday January 14th - 15th 2016

Date for parent briefing coming very soon! Watch this space!

Art-tastic Adventures

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