Sphero Challenge

Driving Question

How can we, as programming enthusiasts use the Sphero robot to introduce basic coding to learners and educators at Austin Elementary?

Project Brief


Design learning experiences for learners at Austin Elementary using the Sphero robot.

Learning Outcomes:

  • understand and apply basic coding principles
  • develop collaborative skills / mindset
  • develop grit and perseverance in the face of challenges


  • collaborative teams or pairs
  • open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade learners
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APPS for Coding

Please download the following APPS. Once you have downloaded all 3, please group them in a folder with the Sphero APP. Please label the folder Sphero.

Now, spend a few minutes exploring each one. Become familiar with some of the commands available in each one and how those commands affect your Sphero.


Now that you are familiar with the APPS, please explore the challenges below. Choose one that you would like to attempt. Once you have selected a challenge, I will expect you to stick with it until you reach Be ready to discuss your Knows and Need to Knows in 3 minutes.

Long Jump

Program your robot to jump as far as possible off of a ramp and come to a stop. You may use the Sphero ramp or build your own from the materials provided. You will have 5 attempts. Be sure to record the variable and distance of each attempt.
Long Jump Intro Video

Bridge Crossing

Write a program to get your Sphero across the bridge. Sphero must start at least 5 feet from the bridge and must stop no more than 5 feet past the bridge. You will have as many attempts as you need. Please record the variable and effect of each attempt.
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Maze Mayhem

Create an original maze using the materials from the classroom. Then navigate your Sphero through the maze as quickly as possible. You will have 5 attempts. Please record the variable and time for each attempt.

Part of this challenge is the originality of your maze design, so be as creative as possible.

Maze Mayhem Challenge Intro

Hot Potato

Using the coding options available, create a hot potato game with Sphero as the potato. Remember, "Hot Potato" works best when the potato becomes hot at random intervals!
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