Why we need to save this beutiful place


In 2013 a oil plant sprung a leak and it spilled hundreds of gallons of oil into the water. Then the coast guard cleand up as much oil as the could and cleand the oil infeacted animals.

Here are the type of animals the oil spill harmed

Please stop oil spills!

A Scientists Words On the subject

The Ocean is a place we need to save because this beutiful ecosystem is home to more than 75 % of the planet's animal population. Marineoligist Owen stacey

Oil can affect ocean life by 1. weaking the animals. 2. It can kill them. and 3. it can get into the gills of fish and kill them! this is happening at all costal and center oceans

The Climate of the ocean is different in different places like cold in artic oceans and warm in tropical oceans.
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Why we need to save ocean life!

We need to save ocean life because marine life homes some of the most graceful creatures on the planet. Also these some of these animals can help get rid of sea bacteria that can harm us.

Plants and animals of the ocean

1. coral 2. seaweed 3. whales 4. fish 5. anenomie and sharks