Wish you HAD BEEN here!

Too late to wish someone was here, we're on the way home

Project Zeus is almost over, let's reflect on the journey

We've just been on an epic journey together - we've shared some good times, some sad times, and hopefully a few laughs. We've definitely all grown as a team.

No journey would be complete without the explorers getting together one last time before they head home and reflecting on how far they've come.

So let's get together tomorrow to send those last minute postcards that you meant to send (but were having too much fun). Lets laugh and cry (maybe laugh/cry) about the souvenirs we've collected, what they mean to us now and what we hope they will come to mean to us in the future.

Let's look back on what we've accomplished.


(It could be an email, a photograph, a document, some lines of code, a test, an actual object)

Be prepared to talk about the following:

- Describe the souvenir

- Why is it important to us (the team)?

- What can we learn from this souvenir?

I'll supply the postcards and the airport lounge refreshments.

Project Zeus - Retrospective

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 1-3pm

The airport lounge in room 7.09