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Luke Telgenhoff, Editor-In-Chief

Behind Closed Doors

After a journalist Infiltrates the meat packing factory's of downtown Chicago, Upton Sinclair tells about what really happens behind closed doors of these big businesses. "I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach." Says Upton, Meaning that, he didn't intend for his book to hit so close to home. Home? Home where thousands of pounds of unprocessed un sanitary meat is sent to families to be consumed. "Radical action must be taken to do away with the efforts of arrogant and selfish greed on the part of the capitalist." Says Roosevelt, this book so popular and so gruesome for the time, even the president was disgusted. All in all Upton Sinclair didn't just make a change in a city or town, it changed a nation by exposing these bi business.
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"The Crown Prince"

Progressive... "To develop gradually in a situation, step by step. The way that this political cartoon depicts Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft, is as if Theodore is the king and Howard is the prince. The next in line. When Teddy Roosevelt decided that he was not going to run for office again, he needed someone with the same beliefs and views to fill his shoes. The answer was Howard Taft, except there was a problem. Little old Howard Taft didn't want to continue in teddy's shoes he wanted to change, he wanted to take his presidency STEP BY STEP to a new progressive era.

The Lusitania Massacre

Thousands dead in missle strike!

After British ship Lusitania sails over the Pacific, German U-boat hits Lusitania with torpedo. In result over a thousand casualties and among those was over a hundred American citizens! Germans say that they had rights, how dare they insult America Like this! And what are we goanna do about it... We Must Take Action!
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With the war a brewing on the other side of the world and America entering the war, and needing more troops they needed away to get more men. Uncle Sam, a iconic figure in American history. Uncle Sam telling each and every individual personally, that they are wanted and needed by there country... To help defend there home land, he wants you what are you waiting for?


"For Sale" 160 Lands of good land said to have crude oil only $500

"Wanted" Meat packers in Chicago meat plant needed decent pay decent hour hurry limited time

"Services" Please help tell your congress no more! we'll not let the Lusitania go un avenged write now!

"Wanted" We need you women to take into the factories while our men are at war, you can contribute.

"Services" Buy your liberty bonds! Help get our men food and safety over seas.

"For Sale" Are you tired of hooking your radio up to your car and taking forever? Now at Motorola get yours!

Breaking News! Germany surrenders!

One last attempt on the western front, Only to be miserably destroyed by allied forces. Germanys top command come together and agree that the war is over. Germany’s situation is further imperiled by her domestic conditions. By the winter of 1917-18, the availability of food in German cities was critically low. Now in 1918 with top officials present Germany signs the armistice and the war... Is over!

Bobby Jones

The Best To Ever Play The Game

I: Bobby, some say that you're the best to play the game. How do you feel about that?

B: I appreciate that, but I'm just here to play the game.

I: There are rumors that your time in the golf game might be over?

B: I'm afraid its true I have won many tournaments and I'm afraid my time is up.

I: Well you heard it first here, The legend of bobby jones ladies and gentlemen. For the last time the great bobby jones!