Gabby's Medical Mission

Youth with a Missions YWAM providing health care

Dear Friends and Family

I am going to be leaving this January for 5 months to be a medical missionary in Townsville, Australia. I will be spreading the love of Jesus as well as volunteering on a medical missions ship where they provide medical, dental, and optometry care to people who have never received it.

I will be working with an organization called Youth With A Missions (YWAM), website:

You can help too!

If I can ask each one of you to please be in prayer as I prepare spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically for this next season. I know that it is going to stretch me and I'm looking forward to watching all of this unfold since God has a perfect plan.

Along with prayer, financial help is definitely needed. Since this is a purely volunteer, there is a lot of money to raise. I have already watched God use people to give whatever they can and I look forward to watching this continue. Any donation is very much appreciated!!!

Few Ways To Donate:

#1 GoFundMe:
#2 Check*
#3 Cash*

#4 Origami Owl purchase
*tax deductible (contact me privately for this information)

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