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9 Mass-produced Acoustic Guitar Problems and Solutions

Ever try to run a 100-yard dash in a pair of flip flops? It takes lots of effort and you still get poor results. In the same way ordinary factory-produced guitars make you, the performer, work harder while producing less sound with lower quality. Today's new materials, applied physics, computer programs and ready access to past master knowledge makes it possible to create guitars unmatched in history.

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If you're a performer, why are you working so hard to get lower-quality tone on an outdated instrument?

1. Dead Chord/Note Positions

Ever wonder why certain chords on your guitar ring nicely, but others are just dull? There are a number of interconnected reasons, the first of which is assembled parts that are not totally compatible. Instead of amplifying one another, they fight and cancel one another. This makes the player work harder to get quality sound and SPL (loudness) out of the guitar.

Realistically, factories are under tremendous pressure to produce guitars quickly, efficiently to increase shareholder profit. They aren't particularly concerned about quality sound or playability - only what makes them money! Components are quickly selected for size, fit, finish and form, not compatibility or tone quality.

The finest custom makers like Jim Olson, Tom Bills and Mario Beauregard take time to tap-tune each brace, bridge and component. Each is sanded and shaped to adjust for intonation before assembly. This assures no dead frequencies or lost overtones. Why this effort? The guitar has their name on it. Their reputation and future sales depend upon perfection.

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