BCM Internal Medicine Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2013

We're Back.

After a small hiatus, the BCM Internal Medicine monthly newsletter is back!

Here you will find program updates, upcoming social events, conferences, important deadlines, accomplishments, and much more. Anything you feel like sharing with the program will be welcome. Feel free to contribute!

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Sign up for December Applicant Dinners on Doodle. Eat enough of these to make up for no lunches.

2013 MATCH DAY ! ! !

Congratulations to all our awesome residents who matched on December 4, 2013!You give life to possible (consults).
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Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center Opens

Phase 1 complete. Gastroenterology, orthopedics, PM&R, and urology have moved in. Included in Phase 1 is the Bobby R. Alford Educational Center, which will be the setting for seminars, conferences and Grand Rounds, and the Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic for BCM's corporate wellness program. The Duncan Cancer Center, general surgery, vascular surgery, otolaryngology and cardiology departments will follow in Phase 2 (Fall 2014). The BCM Medical Center will be a prime location for internal medicine resident training in the future -- essentially our university hospital.

The BCM Medical Center opened as the second patient care facility on the McNair Campus, a 35-acre tract adjacent to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center. Already fully operational was the Lee and Joe Jamail Specialty Care Center, which includes the medical practices of psychiatry, ophthalmology, dermatology, plastic surgery and the Alzheimer's clinic.


Click me, you know you have to. Duty Hours. Evals. Procedures. MyFolio.

BCM Medicine Holiday Party - Rice University Faculty Club

Saturday, Dec. 7th 2013 at 7pm

6100 Main St

Houston, TX

Cocktail attire. Open bar ALL NIGHT.

Drink with Hamill. It's an order.

Acceptances to the Southern SGIM Conference - Feb 2014, New Orleans.

Congrats & thank you for your hard work!

  1. Tony Pastor, M.D., Daniel Chilcote B.S., Marylee Dilling, M.D. Protected Intercourse: Because there are worse things than an STI
  2. Justin Wong, Jonathan Hilal. A New Differential for Abdominal Pain in the Post Gastric Bypass World.
  3. Holly Bentz. Palindromic Rheumatism and LGL Leukemia.
  4. Siva Bhavani, Edward Young. The many faces of syphilis (poster)
  5. Siva Bhavani. Zostavax. Does it work every shingle time? (oral)
  6. Anushree Kumar. Bacterial pyomyositis as an unusual source of sepsis
  7. Alyssa Yoon. Food For Thought.
  8. Casey Wang. Left Atrial Mass.
  9. Minal Shah. Too Blue Not To Be True: A Night Float's Diagnostic Dilemma
  10. Jennifer Choe. Acute Myocardial Infarction Associated with Pegfilgrastim-Induced Leukostasis
  11. Ameera Ahmed. My husband ate moth balls: Methemoglobinemia and hemolytic anemia associated with naphthalene ingestion. (oral)
  12. Ameera Ahmed. Not all fevers are infectious: A case of gall bladder cancer presenting as fever of unknown origin. (poster)
  13. Ozlem BIlen. An Unusual Case of MRSA Bacteriuria! (oral)
  14. Ozlem BIlen. An Unusual Suspect! (poster)

[resident to do list]

☐ March/April Day Off Request Form - due Dec 11

☐ CRE Application - due Jan 31

☐ myFolio - Update your scholarly activities - due Jan 1

☐ Register for ABIM Certification Exam (PGY3) - due Feb 15

☐ Duty Hours - due the 5th of every month.

☐ Epic In-Basket - due daily

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Match Party - Brian O'Neil's

Give Thanks to Those That Worked on Thanksgiving

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