Child Labor Prevention in the Cocoa Industry

What does our organization do?

Our organization will liberate children working in the cocoa industry. We provide free public education to children who work because they can't go to school. Provide support to families who need their kids to work. Prevent major companies from buying cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Ghana.


70% of the world's cocoa is from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Get paid $2 a day (6 am-evening). Kids ages 12-16, but many are younger. About 1.8 million kids were involved in growing cocoa.

Child Labor in the Industry

Many Traffickers abduct children from their villages who may never see their families again. There are kids that are sold by close relatives and some work because they need money. Working on cocoa plantations does not pay well, they receive only two dollars a day. These children in the Ivory Coast and Ghana should not be forced to work, they should be going to school, just like everyone else. Join us to help prevent child labor!
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Contact information/donations

Call 1-800-CLPCI to learn more about how you can help our cause. Donations for the construction of schools in the Ivory Coast and Ghana should be to CLPCI Donations. Thank you!