Welcome to Open House!

By: Luke Molano

Earthquake PBL

This project was about designing a house for Tony Stark somewhere in California (obviously in a low Earthquake risk area). We had to design the house as stable as we could and use different technologies, such as cross braces. Our driving question was: "How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?" Our design was a two story house with 'pillars' on each side. I learned that we could have built a more secure building with cross braces. I also learned that we should have conserved more of our materials.
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30 Hand Project

I learned that each and everyday, the Earth and atmosphere are being affected by fossil fuels and what affects the earth results in. I enjoyed being able to use a script because I didn't have to memorize it.
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Invention Convention

The environmental problem that we are solving is forest fires. Because our invention is a smoke-detecting sprinkler, it sprays water throughout the area that it is in through holes poked from the outside. We are using solar energy to power our smoke detector.
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Extra credit

My favorite unit from this year HAS to be Unit 6: Energy and material resources. I enjoyed this unit due to the invention convention project. I learned that we have plenty of ways to conserve energy. My favorite activity was the renewable and non renewable resources hand outs (pgs. 9-12)
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