How to make Black and white photos

Or any other kind of photo

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Well to begin you have to originate with a photo, any photo you want really. Any kind, but for me i will begin with a simple one. ( Every photo on this page I have taken )

After you pick your photo

Well after you pick your photo you need a web sight you can work with, personalty i love to use, it is a really good sight with not very many locks.

After you get onto the sight

When you get on the sight you want to click the button that says Edit the photo
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After you click the button

After you click the button it will bring up the editing screen.
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After you get to the editing screen

After you get to the editing screen you will see crop, Canvis color, Rotate, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen, Resize. Pick the first one you want to work with.
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After you pick

I picked Exposure for my first one to start with, after you pick that you arrange how you want it and go to the next one. You click the wand with the sparkles and arrange how you want those.
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After you clicked the sparkle wand

I changed a few of the colors to make it darker and shade it in to make it look darker in some places and lighter in other. After all that click the lipstick, it will bring up different things.
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After clicking the lipstick

Once you have clicked one the lipstick it will pop up with a bunch of different icons. Like blemish fix, airbrush, wrinkle remover and so on. I don't recommend using any of those unless you want to do that first and then do all the other steps. I dont use them for black and white photos anyway. So you can move onto the big T and the little t.
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After your done with the previous one

Once you finished up all of that is will show up with a big T and a little t, click on that. It will pop up with a bunch of different fonts you can choose from. Its okay if you dont want words just click to the Butterfly.
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After you click the butterfly

Once you have clicked the butterfly you can almost do anything, i added a banner to mine to make it look better with the words. you don't have to do any of it. When your done click the border button.
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After All of that ( last step )

After your done doing whatever to your photo you can click on the one that looks like its being weaved through and work on that.
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After all that your done! i did more of a simple one to show you the steps but now your done.