RM 20's Friday Flyer

Our Learning Journey

3rd Week

We are getting our daily routines down. Students have built 20 minutes of reading Stamina. They know how to select a spot to sit in the classroom to be successful learners. They are able to log into Lexia Core 5 using their new, and long username and password. Some have even memorized it. That's pretty impressive. What's more impressive, is that students are now bypassing me in order to work their conflicts and differences in our peace zone. Our peace stick is really helpful for them to take turns to speak and listen to one another. Perhaps, I should take this stick home with me so my own children can use it. ;)

A peek at the Week

  • Math: Wrapping up the unit next week. There will be an assessment on Friday.
  • Reading: Reading many books focused on our Unit.
  • Sharing the Planet: Learning how to step into others' shoes to try and see their perspective. They are really good at this. Starting to look at problems and conflicts at a much larger level. Ex: Wasting Food is a problem at schools, therefore schools are taking action to resolve this problem. Our own school has taken action to help with this problem.
  • Writing: working on narrative writing.

Reminders/Upcoming Dates

Fall Picture Day: Sept. 21

Feel free to send in headphones or earbuds with your child to keep in the classroom. I did pass out earphones to them, but some have been asking if they can bring their own. Entirely optional.

School to Home Connection

  • Ask your kids why they are learning the sounds of the alphabet and putting them together.
  • Continue to read with them every night.