Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Saunders Elementary 2017-2018

Greetings Saunders' Families,

The safety of your child is our top priority. We have established the procedures below to ensure a safe drop-off and pick-up environment.

Morning Arrival

Car Riders:
  • Vehicles pull up to the front of the school in the "Kiss and Go Lane."
  • Students exit from the right side and enter through the front doors at 8:50 AM.
  • In an effort to reduce traffic on Harpersville Road, we encourage riding the bus, walking, biking, and carpooling!

Day Care Van Riders:

  • Vans pull up near the cafeteria.
  • Students exit one van at a time.
  • Students enter through the doors near the cafeteria.

Bus Riders:

  • Buses park in the bus lanes in the parking lot.
  • Students exit one bus at a time.
  • Enter through the doors near the cafeteria.

Walkers & Bikers:

  • From 8:40 - 8:50 AM, the crossing guard will ensure that these students cross Harpersville Road safely.
  • Students will follow the sidewalk to the 2nd crosswalk and continue on the sidewalk to the front doors of the school.
  • Bike rides follow the procedures above insuring their bike is locked up on the bike rack in front of the gym.
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Afternoon Dismissal

Car Riders:
  • Vehicles pull up to the front of the school.
  • Parents will enter the double blue doors of the cafeteria from the sidewalk
    at 3:40 PM.
  • Each grade level will have a table clearly identified by Parent Pickup signs.
  • Parents or authorized person(s) will sign out (ID required upon request) each child before receiving a pink pickup verification ticket and child.
  • Parents will exit out of the same set of doors giving the staff member at the door a ticket for each student that they are picking up.

Day Care Van Riders:

  • Drivers will enter the double blue doors of the cafeteria from the sidewalk at 3:40.
  • Drivers will walk through the cafeteria and go to room 29.
  • The adult driving the van will sign the students out and then exit through the side doors.

Bus Riders:

  • Buses park in the bus lanes in the parking lot.
  • Each classroom teacher leads students to the bus at 3:40 PM.

Walkers & Bikers:

  • The students are sent to the cafeteria at 3:40 PM to meet the crossing guard.
  • The crossing guard guides the group of walkers and bikers from the school across Harpersville Road.
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Stay Connected:


Get the Here Comes the Bus app which allows families to view the real-time location of their child's school bus on a smartphone, tablet or computer. To sign up, click on this button, enter account number 74046 and your student's NNPS ID number.

Saunders' Late Bus Text Notifications

Get Saunders’ late bus notifications via text. To sign up, text @kg4ga to the number 81010. If you have trouble with 81010, you can try texting @kg4ga to (501) 712-2783.

Safety First

  • Avoid dropping your child off at the school prior to 8:50 a.m. Staff members are not available to supervise them. You are encouraged to stay with your child until the doors open at 8:50 a.m.
  • We must have a written request/permission from a parent/guardian to make changes to ride a different bus. The note needs to include the day that the change is to take place.
  • Only authorized persons listed on the emergency contacts and have a picture ID will be allowed to pick up your child.
  • Newport News Public Schools uses a three card system to ensure kindergarten safety during transfers. Please refer to the section on Pupil Transportation of the student planner.
  • If a child has been returned to school by the bus driver and the office is unable to contact anyone to pick up the child and/or no one has called the office inquiring about the child’s whereabouts, the police and/or child protective services will be contacted for assistance. Continued difficulties where a child is left waiting after dismissal will require a child protective service referral.