Born 2 B wild

by Trever Wilson

real life

Two chimpanzees escaped in L.V. do to faulty cages. The male was shot by police and killed, the female was returned to the owner who said they would get a more secure cage -

That is a true story of real a attack.

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real story 2

The Ringling Brothers Circus

animals are abused in The Ringling Brothers Circus

Federal inspectors found that a sick elephant was forced to perform, elephants' faces were cut by sharp edges in transport trailers, big cats were kept in rusty cages with splintered floors, and meat was delivered to tigers in the same wheelbarrows that their waste was hauled in. -
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real life story 3

A pet bear in Ohio,owned by Sam Mazzola, attacked a volunteer caretaker who was feeding the bear.
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dangers for animals

  • Pet could get sick and die.
  • pet could be improperly cared for.
  • pet could have a cage not big enough and hurt it's self.
  • pet might not have the correct amount of food and starve to death.

dangers for humans

  • owners might get infected by any diseases the animals might have.
  • owners may be incompatible for that type of animal and could get hurt.
  • may be attacked by animal and be severely injured.
  • animal(s) might escape and handler may not be equipped to handle it.