Week 11 Assignment

Kendra Strickland

The Dot-com Boom

Refers to the speculative investment bubble that formed around Internet companies. The huge prices of internet start-ups encouraged investors to dump money into it. Often times people didn't even need planning, it just had to be .com.

Microsoft and Bill Gates

Bill Gates created Microsoft, he is now the richest man on earth. Microsoft is the number one bought computer and monopolized the economy for computers.


IBM is the International Business Machines Corporation. It is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. One stock is $169.68.


Amazon.com brought the beginning of online shopping. This changed the way that people shopped and thought about shopping. It no longer has to be a "hassle" you can go shopping on your couch.


Yahoo was the first search engine and monopolized the interconnected web because it could sort information and help you find what is useful to what you need to know.


Dell is another computer company that competed with Microsoft for monopolizing the economy. Dell had new styles and many people loved that.


E-Bay is another online shopping store. You can buy anything you want. Having another website like Amazon shows that the online economy is a growing one.

PC Era

The PC Era is one where everyone has their own personal computer. No one could live without their computer because its like a second brain. Take notes, look stuff up, you cannot survive school without it.

The Bubble Bursts

The dot-com era eventually led to an economic bubble that bursted because too many people were creating web-sites that did the same thing as another web site and then didn't receive funds. Then all investors pulled out their money and the bubble burst.

The dot-com might relate to technological trends of today because once again technology is owning the economy. It is creating a bubble surround technology, like cell phones, and eventually the bubble will burst.