Digital Citizenship

Digital Health and Wellness


Digital Health and Wellness - Physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world

Essential Questions

  1. How can students be physically affected by technology?

  2. Are students aware of the physical dangers that can accompany the use of digital technology?

  3. How else can someone become injured using technology?

Examples of Appropriate Digital Health and Wellness

• Technology leaders learn how to promote health and wellness with technology.

• Teachers model digital safety in their classrooms and expect their students to do the same.

Examples of Inappropriate Digital Health and Wellness

  • Administrators and teachers ignore the possible harmful physical effects of technology on students.

  • Teachers do not model proper ergonomics when using technology.

Digital Health and Wellness Keywords

• technology addiction

• technology and good health

• computer ergonomics

Web Resources

The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery:

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