RHMS Community Newsletter

Week of September 17

Principal's Message

Hello Roseway Families,

As we round the corner on our third week of school, it has been a pleasure to see students and teachers engaged in learning, building connections and becoming familiar with school routines. This week we completed our Chromebook distribution; students who were absent will be given new devices in the coming week. Students also successfully completed the school bus safety drill and have become accustomed to the transportation routines. We appreciate families' patience as we are still dealing with an extreme driver shortage and are doing our best to support students and families when busses are running late or have been canceled.

We continue to refine routines at lunch and recess. We have opened up a separate eating area for lunch during grades 7 and 8 on the west side of the building. Additional seating options have been selected by the Leadership Class and are on order as well as balls and other outdoor activities for recess.

Covid Updates

We are sending out community notifications as soon as we become aware of positive Covid cases in our community. Part of this process includes contact tracing for all students who have classes, busses or potential lunch/recess time contact with another student who has tested positive. We are in contact with teachers regarding seating arrangements in class as well. If there is reason to believe that your student has had direct contact with another student who has tested positive, we will notify you by phone and you will receive written notification by email with specific dates for your student's quarantine window. We continue to emphasize with students the importance of proper mask usage, hand washing and social distancing to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy.

Free Covid 19 PCR Testing is available for students on campus. Please see the links below for Covid Testing Consent Form that need to be completed before students can be tested.

Finally, this week families were sent a brief survey about your student's Covid-19 vaccination status and other household needs regarding technology. We hope you will take a moment to complete the survey if you have not already done so.


Several families have asked for clarification about the locker situation. The company that built our school lockers changed the speculations on the lockers themselves however the lock mechanisms were not updated accordingly. As a result, the lockers in our building do not lock securely. In addition, we understand that currently there is a supply chain problem that is slowing down production of the new locks. We continue to eagerly await the arrival of the corrected locks and will issue lockers to students as soon as the problem is corrected.

SUN and Community Cares Initiative Updates

Fall SUN Program

Roseway Heights SUN will be offering free after school classes this fall. Registration materials and class descriptions will be available soon in-person and virtually!

Please check the RHMS SUN website for updates: RHMS SUN Site.

SUN has a hopeful new start date of Monday 10/11 for fall SUN after school programming. We are still looking for sports and skateboarding instructors, as well as a Chess for Success coach, to staff our after school classes! Get in touch with Lindsay, the SUN manager, to apply or connect qualified individuals.

Student Bus Passes

RHMS SUN School and CCI are the fortunate recipients of a $500 transportation grant from METRO SafeRoutes! The money can be used to buy Trimet bus passes for students. Please fill out this survey if you’re interested!

RHMS PTA, CCI & SUN School work together!

Stay informed and get involved:
-Subscribe to The Howl Newsletter, a parent-led resource sent out on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.
-Donate! Donations of gift cards for emergency needs and personal hygiene products are being collected. Contact SUN Manager, Lindsay Ruoff, to arrange a donation drop-off or pick-up.
-Volunteer! Stay informed and look for opportunities from CCI to get involved in supporting our school community.

Lindsay Ruoff, RHMS SUN Site Manager.

LRuoff2@pps.net, Lindsay.ruoff@portlandoregon.gov,

SUN cell: 971-347-5319

September 15 - October 15

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