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3rd Edition

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Jared Campbell is an award winning singer/songwriter from upstate New York and has been traveling the country performing for thousands of people and hundreds of schools over the past decade. He’s shared the stage with Jason Mraz, Gavin Degraw, The Zac Brown Band and even Journey! His music has also been featured on MTV and he’s been acknowledged by Billboard Magazine as one of the top independent musicians in the northeast. His main focus is allowing his music to impact the lives of his listeners by experiencing joy, finding comfort through pain, and looking past obstacles towards living a better life.

His songs are said to be uplifting, thought provoking and emotionally heartfelt. Jared mixes humor, stories of life on road and personal experience to relate to the audience set before him. Young people have walked away with life changing experiences such as finding their true passion in life, appreciating others around them and ceasing to bully those that are different, stopping their attempts at suicide and forming life lasting relationships with the friends and family surrounding them.

Jared Campbell's presentation is unlike any other assembly you will bring to your high school, middle school, elementary school or even corporation. He reaches his audience through the power of music with songs he's written about some of the most crucial elements to living out your life with purpose. His message focuses on overcoming obstacles, anti-bullying, respect, leadership and having an amazing outlook on life.

Join Jared Campbell for a VIRTUAL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY!!!


Mr. Nicky

Mr. Nicky's World History Songs

Mr. Nicky performs school assemblies and classroom workshops across the country, helping classes write their own educational parodies! These programs meet state learning standards.

This includes a new online program:


Check out Mr. Nicky on You Tube!!!


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Egyptian Riq Video Excerpt

Egyptian Riq Heard offers school performances, presentations and workshops for children & students ages pre-K through college level.

We are now part of the BOCES Arts-in-Education program! It's a great service that provides funding to help public schools underwrite the cost of our programming. Our id # is 338A.

Our multicultural concerts include musical influences and instruments from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean & the Middle East--just to name our major influences! Language Arts component includes singing in Ga and Swahili. We currently have two themed-specific programs:


"Place" takes the original music of Heard and brings the audience somewhere special and distinct in each piece-- the crowded bustle of an Accra open air market (Market Song), the inside of an Adirondack red cedar tree, (Red Cedar Sleeps), a winding wintry boulevard in Montreal (Cotes des Neiges) and the summer streets of Brazil. (Danca Verao) Through storytelling around our compositional inspirations, we explore not only cultural and geographical dimensions of other countries and places, but also the importance of what personal "place" means to one's awareness in relation to the artistic process and creative wellspring.

Breakout workshops in world percussion, dance, visual art and creative process complete the residency experience.


A holiday program featuring world music arrangements of songs from all traditions.

For digital workshops contact:

Bandleader Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius

Check out these videos on You Tube:

Egyptian Riq

Brazilian Pandeiro

Nigerian Udu Drum