Shanelleon (SM)

Discovered by Meggie Mwareka and Lloyd Munyamana


Atomic Mass: Unknown

Occurrence: Zimbabwe, Harare

Physical Properties

Surface Properties: Short, Build, Small

  • Boils when: annoyed by fake people
  • Melts if... you broken my trust
  • Can cause combustion if you hurt anyone I love

Specimens can be found in various states

  • Sad.. when people are fighting
  • Happy... when Disney movies, with people I love

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when: I am told I can't achieve something

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by... Ignorant People

Is attracted to... sweets, candy, food, dancing, movies, and music

May explode spontaneously when... I've been lied to

Requires copious amounts of... Happiness, food and love

Is Inert when...feeling stressed out

Will repel from... Bad Judgmental People

Is Impervious.... People who stand in my way to success