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Happy Songkran!

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Thank you to the seven families who took the time to complete the survey. I appreciate you taking the time to give me some feedback about this year and what I can do to give your child the best possible experience in first grade. If you have not completed the survey, it's only 3 questions. Here is the link:

2014-2015 Room 107 Survey

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What have we been learning?


We spent the last three weeks practicing our reading fluency skills in our reading performance unit of study. Students read plays and books full of opportunities to read with emotion. We will start book clubs with a focus on characters after Songkran. Here is some information about what we'll study:

This unit builds on the earlier character unit and character work throughout the year. In this unit on dramatizing characters, readers step into the shoes of the characters we meet in books, bringing those characters to life. Readers will be invited into the world of acting and, through acting, into the important role of coming to understand characters with greater complexity. There is a playful yet vital relationship between reading and drama. When we read, both embodying the character and seeing through his or her eyes, what we really are doing is putting ourselves into the drama of the story—and this means coming to understand it in richer ways. Readers will envision as they read, to use this capacity to envision to help them read with increasing fluency and richer comprehension. Research has shown that reader’s theater and multiple rereads make the world of difference.


We are wrapping up our work in literary non-fiction and the class produced many excellent books that both entertained and taught readers. This was challenging work and the books the class produced were excellent! We will shift our focus in writing to persuasive letter writing after Songkran.


We have completed our study of patterns, and will begin a unit of study on 2s, 5s, and 10s after Songkran. We will focus on essential numeracy skills and building the foundation for more complex math in 2nd grade. We have shifted our focus in math to be more aligned with the Common Core Standards. Here is some information about these standards:

Common Core Myth VS Facts


Our study of insects has continued and our class got a peek at some cotton stainers this week. After Songkran, silkworm eggs will arrive and we will study the life-cycle of this insect. Students have been sharpening their observation skills and vocabularies.


We have started some activities around social emotional learning. Our first project was learning about and practicing gratitude. We learned that showing gratitude goes beyond just saying thank you. Our class made thank you cards for many of the thai staff that work to support first graders at ISB. Students introduced themselves and thanked many of the staff members they see and interact with every day, yet do not know. This was a powerful experience for many of the students. Please continue to talk about and practice gratitude at home. We will also cover some of these ideas before the school-year is over:

curiosity, grit, self-control, love, zest, optimism, and self-control