child abuse research

what is it?


Just imagine coming home every to get beat by your parents or sibling. You are afraid of coming home after school because your parents are waiting to beat you. Or you just want to run away. Every day. This is called child abuse. Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver intentionally harms their child in any way or form. There are many forms of child abuse. Physical child abuse is where the parent or caregiver hurts their child physical way such as punching, kicking or slapping.


So for this essay it is a very sad topic/ thing to do usually people who do this have been bullied or abused by parents or guardian. The characteristics of child abusers are usually substance abusers (Studies have shown a direct relationship between drugs and/or alcohol and the occurrence of abuse.), isolation ( The adult lacks the physical and emotional support they need from friends, family and their community. He or she will rarely participate in activities.) and poor self confidence (The adult sees himself or herself as worthless, bad or unlovable.

). So those are a few characteristics of child abusers.


In conclusion i think that child abuse is a bad thing because it affects kids in their mind and their body because of the abuse from their parents or guardian.