Sport: is competieive games that are won or lost on the basis of physical skills and played according to specifc rules .

Swimmming : the act of a person or thing that swims.


Swimming has proud history of achievement at the Olympic Games

Australia's most successful olymic sport

Australia has won 58 gold metals in swiming

Top 100 Australian olympics of all time , complied by the Olympic committe named 35 swimmers in the tp 100 .


In the Olympics everyone is allowed to participate as long as they reach the requirements fulfilled. They must have received a letter saying that they're qualified to compete in the Olympics. All around the world ,and country these people come together to compete in multiple sports , to achieve who's #1 in the country in each sport.


In the relation of the element , it is required that each swimmer attends the expectation of each trainer,and coach. There are 6-12 sessions per week. Sprinters are required to covering less distance however have to travel up to 10 kilometers.Therefore, 6 hours of water time is spent,and each trainer and coach must make trainers complete at least 2-3 weight sessions per week .


In the competition of swimming , there are rules and regulations that have to be followed during the Olympic games. If rules are not followed there can be consequences. In each Olympic game organizations come together to collect money for different circumstances . Therefore, like cancer and many more.


In the end of each Olympic competition. Each competitor is placed into a order choosing the 3 most ranked competitors , that has advanced in all courses to achieve the metals that they're reaching for.
Australia Set New Olympic 4 x 100m Freestyle Record - London 2012 Olympics