Dracula...Myth or Miracle?

Century Old Vampire is Still Alive to This Day!

Family History.

Dracula- being the shady and mysterious character he is- has left his ancestry a mystery. He expresses great pride in being the descendant of the great and miraculous warrior "Attila the Hun". However, this has sparked skepticism in those who have done their research. There are rumors that this famous vampire was actually the "son of the dragon" also known as Dracul. Dracula's father (Dracul) was the head of a noble family who ruled over Transylvania in the 1400's. Dracula means "son of Dracul" in romanian. The realization that Dracula was a vampire did not happen until he earned the nickname Vlad the impaler...

Vampire History to Modern Times.

We all know Dracula, but there has been evidence of other vampires walking among us to this day. Many other vampires have been documented throughout time including yet another Hungarian vampire Countess Elizabeth Bathory. She had brutal ways as well which included drenching her servants in cold water and leaving them outside to freeze to death. She was said to have killed over 650 women and bath in their blood believing that it had restorative powers. More recent accounts of vampirism have been reported. One of the more recent including a vampire in 2002 by the name of Allan Menzies who was sentenced to jail because he killed his best friend, then he drank his blood and ate half of his brain all in honor of his favorite character from a vampire movie. Josephine Smith, a 22 year old Hooter's worker attacked a man biting off pieces of his face and even admitting to being a vampire. All these collections are proof that the undead are still among us.

The Dirty Deeds of Vlad the Impaler.

Dracula earned his nickname "Vlad the impaler" because of his sick twisted preferences of torture. He is said to be one of the most dark and ruthless killers. His favorite and most recurring way to torture mainly innocent people as well as prisoners of war was to impale them. To impale someone is to stick a sharp object such as a spear or sword through the rectum and then through the top of the head. It was even rumored that he drank the blood of his victims while at dinner by dipping bread in the blood. He was feared by many and despised by others. He also was known to fight his wars using guerilla warfare tactics in which he and his men would poison wells, burn crops, and even pay diseased men to enter the cities and villages of his enemies. The diseased men would then cause an epidemic causing a lot of death and sickness. After his death, rumors of his brutality served to just escalate his influence on the tales of Dracula.

Cold Hard Evidence.

There is evidence of vampires in many different cultures in many different lands. There is even evidence in the bible that suggests the existence of a nocturnal evil creature who roams the land at night seeking to kill innocents specifically women and children. Lilith was referenced in the hebrew bible as being the demonized ex wife of Adam before there was Adam and Eve. She is described in the book of Isaiah and was said to shape shift- like we know vampires do- into an owl. At night she would hunt, her main prey being young babies and pregnant women. Vampires are seen through many cultures and one tale known to both Greeks and Romans was the tale of a man named Menippus. He was to be married to his beautiful bride when he accused his bride of being a vampire. His bride admitted to vampirism and that she was only marrying so that she could use him for blood at her leisure. With all these different tales across different lands, it leaves little question of the realness of the myth of vampires.
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