Shakur tupac

A life that ended to fast


2pac was a artist who wanted to give his fans a message.He lived a life of belief or at least his mom wanted him to. Shakur had a life that ended so fast. There is a question about how he died. Some say the government killed him and some believe that he is still alive. But Tupac left the world shocked when he was gunned down September 13 1996 on the LAS VEGAS STRIP. What shocked the world more is that the government didn't do one thing about it. Some say the didn't even fill out a police report about it. Some also say that Shuk Knight killed tupac. Even though tupac passed away his music still lives on.

Tupacs life

Tupac was born and raised in east Harlem New York City. Tupacs childhood was bad his mother was a Drug addict and always would pop pills in front of Tupac so his brain was kind of messed up because he didn't no what was wright and what was wrong because he didn't have a role model. Tupac was raised in something called the black panther philosophy it was the opposite of the kluck klucks klan because it was all about racial profile and things like that .He got into trouble with the law.

February 8 1995 tupac was arrested for sexual assault this shocked the world.while tupac was in jail for sexual assault charges he reached number one and he was the first person to every reach number one while he was in jail.September 13 1996 shakur tupac was gun down on the las vegas strip people say he could still be alive is that true who knows.


Tupac was nominated for a lot of awards in his little time on earth that number is 18 but he only won 4 of those awards .Tupac never won a Grammy but he was nominated for 7 of those but he didn't win any of those awards. Tupac won 1 AMA,2 soul train music awards and one As cap music award.I also said earlier in the paper that he was the fist man to reach number one while incarcerated. California love was one of his biggest hits it rap music history so was the hit dear mama.

influence on people today

Tupac influenced a lot of people but these are the main people he influenced. A rapper who started after tupacs death his name was nas , Nas thought tupac had great musical talent and he admired that he did all of his work off of tupacs style. Tupac influenced another well known rapper his name is Kendrick Lamar what Kendrick like most about tupac was his Life style like he new what was going to happen before it happened like in the song Hail mary he knew that he was going to die. Tupacs album Brenda had a baby changed the game as d.r dre said. We all now that tupac changed the game and thats what matters


Tupac was a well known superstar in the 90,s. Tupac wasn't the only great who passed in there 20,s biggie and easy e to passed and they became famous to everyone not just the rap fans . some say that tupac,s death made him famous,who knows what tupac could of done.We all now one thing tupac changed the game.

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