Comparisons of world religions

Jayden Ferrell


The beginning

  • It was started when Jesus starting telling the Jews the will of God
  • Jesus Christ
  • The religion started in Israel
2000 years of christianty

  • This religion is monolithic
  • There is a story that Jesus, three days after his crucifixion, was resurrected proving he was the son of God
  • Christianty now has over 2 billion followers
  • The religion was spread through Jesus and his followers
  • the bible is its holy book
  • Jesus, Moses, and Noah were all considered profits with Jesus being the messiah
  • There are priests, ministers, monks, and nuns
Basic beliefs

  • There is only one God, who watches over, and cares for his people
  • Jesus Christ was the son of God. He died to save humanity from sin. His death and resurrection made eternal life possible for others


  • It started when a prince decided to leave his place to discover the world and found nirvana
  • Buddha
  • No real God/deity
  • Believes in universal truths, noble truths and the eightfold path to enlightenment
  • Bodh Gaya, India
  • 2500 years
  • A farmer left his home to be a monk so he could be free but he didn't feel the same without a hoe in his hands after years of feeling he has not done everything to become a monk he threw his hoe in a lake and felt victory a king walked by and asked why was he so happy the monk replied with "I have conquered the devils inside me" and so the king may have won a war but he realizes the monk got a real victory
  • 350 million
  • Mainly through the Silk Road
  • Tripitaka
  • Holy people are not really a thing in Buddhism but most people like Buddha were highly regarded and considered enlightend
  • No real organizational structure other than monks


  • Developed when philosopher Confucius started teaching his ideals
  • Confucius started it
  • It is a polytheistic "religion" even though they weren't praised
  • Started in China
  • 125 bc
  • There were once ten suns but they destroyed the land so a man was given a bow and he killed all but one sun witch is pulled a crossed the sky today
  • Confucius and his followers spread Confucianism
  • They had no holy book for say but they have many treasured books
  • There were no real holy people rather they highly respected teachers and elders
  • There was no real leaders or preachers there were people who taught it but it was not really an organization