Uinta County School District #1

December 2017, Weekly Newsletter-Volume 7

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George Dickerson and the rest of the Transportation Department wanted to express their appreciation to Ryan Berger, Jamie Cook and Karly Viklund! They offered to visit with transportation for some behavioral training for students, more particularly, students with ASD and other special needs.

George has attended several workshops at the Wyoming Pupil Transportation Conference and at the School Transportation News Conference on a national level. He says, "Ryan, Jamie and Karly put on the most personal, dynamic and informative presentation I have seen. I believe they got through to our staff and reinforced what all of them are doing on a daily basis, giving them new ideas and approaches to use with students. They have done their part to inspire the drivers and aides to progress and become better at their jobs."

George wants to thank them and he considers it an honor to work with and to have such exemplary staff and resources at our district to help us be the best we can be.


Deb S. & Dr. Ingalls

Brady Matthews

Warehouse Assistant

  1. What made you decide to become a Warehouse Assistant? "My wife, Megan, got a teaching job here, so I took the first available full-time position that I could find."
  2. How many years have you work in UCSD#1? "5 years."
  3. What is your favorite thing about being a Warehouse Assistant? "Being able to go around and visit with all of the staff."
  4. What is your favorite thing to do in your off time? "Hunting and fishing."

Denise DeBarre

I am a psychologist working with Clark, North and Aspen. We moved to Evanston 22 years ago and I worked at WY State Hospital and in private practice until starting with UCSD#1 this fall. I have really enjoyed working with students and staff at the elementary schools. I was the director of psychology internship program at WY State Hospital for about 15 years. I grew up in western Illinois and completed my graduate degrees at University of Missouri. I did my internship at Montana State University and worked previously at Eastern Washington University Counseling and Psychological Services. My husband and I have two teenagers; our son is is planning to attend UW next fall. We also have a dog, a cat, and a parakeet.
Interview w/Jamie Cook

Dr. Ingall's and Deb Sheets taking this interview very seriously...

Deb & Dr. Ingalls @ North


19th-Amie Cornell & Brenda Heward

21st-Mary Lonsway

22nd-John Williams & Chris Brown

24th-Bren Payne & Brad Francis


UCSD#1 Administration

Ryan Thomas, Superintendent Ext.1020

Cheri Dunford, Supt., Board Exec. Assistant Ext. 1021

Dr. Joseph Ingalls, Assistant Superintendent K-5 Ext. 1026

Doug Rigby, Assistant Superintendent 6-12 Ext. 1025

Alicia Johnson, Instructional Services Admin. Asst. Ext. 1024

Kristine Hayduk, Human Resources Ext. 1023

Matt Williams, SPED Director Ext. 1040

Shannon Arellanes, SPED Admin. Asst. Ext. 1041

Bubba O'Neill, Activities Director Ext. 1060

Dauna Bruce, Activities Admin. Asst. Ext. 1061