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What do we have going on in April?

What does your calendar for April look like? There are SO many opportunities to EARN different things in the month of April....Ready, Set, Sell, Conference Bucks, Start Swell, C & C Premiere with amenity etc. etc. How can you get there? Parties!!! From home parties to Facebook parties - they all count! Let's start by getting some bookings for April!


1. Create a BRAND NEW list of 62 and post a pic of it on our team fb page.

2. Listen to the 31 Minute Call "100 No's is Good for Business" and post TWO "Ah-Ha" moments or things you learned from the call.

3. Contact your list of 62 and fill your April & May calendars BUT you have to have at least TWO parties booked for the first two weeks of April to earn your $1,200 RSS Kit.

What's in it for you? BOOKINGS and a full calendar!!!! And you are entered into a drawing to win a package of new Summer Catalogs from me!

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You can earn these kits from April 1 - 15! This is just ONE way to get FREE and NEW summer products into your hands. Did you know that consultants who earn any RSS level are more successful? Why? Because you have the products and can then easily show them off and sell them!


Starting April 1, you MAY get an invitation to join a new Facebook group. These groups are based on how many parties you have per month and what your PV is per month. There will be three groups ranging from those doing 8 or more parties per month with $4000 PV down to those who have 2-3 parties per month with between 1K and 2K in PV. These will be closed groups monitered by Home Office. It's ok if you don't get an invite...that's why we have our awesome team page!!! :)
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Be sure to check out the Retirement List on TOT. Share it with your customers! This is their last chance to grab these items before they are gone. New catalog will start on May 1. :)
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