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April 9, 2018

Mark Your Calendar!

The Port Clinton Redskins & Oak Harbor Rockets Coaches will unite on May 11 to take on 13abc! Join us for this exciting event and benefit the TNT Mentoring Program!

What: 13abc All Stars Charity Basketball Game

Who: Channel 13 on air personalities vs Coaches from Oak Harbor and Port Clinton

When: May 11, 2018 beginning at 7:30 PM

Where: Oak Harbor High School Gym

Why: All ticket profits will benefit the TNT Mentoring Program

Ticket Cost: $5 for admittance

B-C-S Community: Join OHHS for a Prom Grand March!

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Tune in every Monday for #MakeADifferenceMonday where we will feature a stakeholder, student, or fellow alumni answering "Five questions for B-C-S"

This week B-C-S is featuring, Classroom Intervention Aide at Oak Harbor High School, Traci Tomor!

1. Please share a little about yourself and how long you have been a part of the B-C-S Local School district.

  • Craig and I have been married for 23 years and have 2 boys who attend B-C-S Schools. Kyle is a junior and Tate is in 6th grade (can't believe we will have a senior and the other in Jr. High next year!). As a family we enjoy anything outdoors such as kayaking, fishing, traveling, hiking and attending our boys sporting events. Sometimes I drag them to an auction as I enjoy restoring antiques. I'm a graduate of Woodmore High School and I married a Rocket graduate! For 15 years I worked for Owens-Illinois as a corporate travel agent arranging worldwide travel and meetings. After OI restructured, our department was no longer needed which led me to where I am now and I couldn't be happier! I started at B-C-S 7 years ago as a parent volunteer, which led to subbing in various positions though out the district, until I was officially hired as a Classroom Intervention Aide for our Special Ed Dept. Best job EVER!

2. What is your current position with B-C-S schools?

  • My position is Classroom Intervention Aide at Oak Harbor High School working with our 8th-12th grade IEP students in their classrooms. My day includes assisting teachers and helping the students with classroom work, tests, notes, or whatever is given that day. I almost feel as if I'm back to school 20 some years later! I work closely with our Special Ed team to accommodate our student’s needs.

3. What do you enjoy most about being a teacher’s aide at OHHS?

  • I enjoy my job because of 1 reason - the KIDS! Everyday my job is different, I get to know most of our students, and help them with academic and life challenges. My favorite part is seeing a student accomplish something they didn't think was even possible.

4. What does Rocket Pride mean to you?

  • Rocket Pride to me means never give up on yourself! One reason I chose to work for B-C-S because all of our staff in every building help our kids not only in the classroom, but with everyday life skills and struggles. Maybe it's walking with the scared 1st grader down the hall, a smile to start their morning, helping the kid who is trying to fit in at the lunch table, or the one who just needs someone to listen and not judge. I'm proud my own kids are Rockets, this is a great community working together who make a difference in our children's lives. If we don't give up on them, they won't give up on themselves!

5. What is something you would like to accomplish off of your Bucket List?

  • Our family bucket list is to visit as many states & their state parks as possible. For myself, the next on the list is to zipline! However, if my fear of heights gets the best of me, it is to swim with the dolphins.

Tune in every week for Levy Facts!

From Time to Time the District will put out facts about the two ballot issues before voters on May 8 called "Levy Facts." Check for more information about the levies or call the Board Office with questions (419) 898-6210.

  • The state passed a law last week, called the B-C-S Bridge, to provide short-term financial help for Benton-Carroll-Salem School District in light of the de-valuation of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant.

    5 Things You Need to Know About the “B-C-S Bridge”

    1. It provides $1.8 Million per year for 3 years.

    2. This money will bridge the gap between today and when we begin collecting the new monies that voters are being asked to pass on May 8.

    3. Yes, the two levies on the May 8th ballot are still necessary. They will bring in $3.4 Million per year.

    4. The total being lost by the district is $6 Million per year

    5. While thankful for the efforts of Rep. Arndt and Sen. Gardner, the school board and Treasurer worked really, really, really hard to fight for this short-term money to help ease the burden of taxpayers.

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School levies needed even after 'B-C-S Bridge'

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What's Going On At RC Waters Elementary?

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Kindergarten Technology Standards

Mrs. Siloy's class created a Google Slides presentation on Chromebooks about their favorite things. This project ties in many of the kindergarten technology standards. Their tech skills are impressive!

This week at RC Waters!

What's Going On At Oak Harbor Middle School?

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Oak Harbor Middle School Welcomes Nationally known Speaker Tony Hoffman

On March 19th nationally known speaker Tony Hoffman spoke to Oak Harbor Middle School 6th and 7th graders. Tony was a former BMX professional and is currently an Olympic coach. Tony shared an inspirational and educational message about drug abuse and the impact that drugs can have on the students and their families. During his presentation Mr. Hoffman shared his own struggles and battles with drug addiction. Tony also talked with students about the importance of perseverance in their lives. He made sure to answer any questions from the students after his talk. Principal Laramie Spurlock stated: "Tony did a wonderful job tailoring his talk to the age and maturity level of our students." Superintendent Guy Parmigian added: Tony's message of the dangers of drugs--especially the abuse of prescription medications--made him a very engaging and relevant speaker. It is hoped that Tony's message will make our students more resilient in their quest to pursue healthy choices in their lives."

Benton-Carroll-Salem School District would like to thank the following sponsors for making this presentation possible: Judge Winters, Judge Giesler, Judge Hany, Sherriff Levorchick, Ottawa Co. Prosecutor Van Eerten and Port Clinton Kiwanis Club.



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Students attending Prom.....Want to be a Prom VIP!?!?

A Night of the Arts!


The Oak Harbor High School Art Club together with the Music Performance Group will be holding "A Night of the Arts" on Friday, April 20. Overmyer Auction Service will be auctioning clay platters and bowls!

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This week at OHHS!


  • The Rocket JV Softball Team defeats The Huron Tigers 12-2. Nice job ladies!
  • Rocket JV Baseball team defeats Huron 16-2. Good game guys!
  • V Softball defeats Huron 12-2. Ashley Riley with 2 home runs! The Varsity moves to 6-2 (1-0 SBC)! Go Rockets!
  • V Baseball wins in Huron, 11-2. Great job Rockets!
  • Boys Tennis defeats Tiffin Calvert 3-2. Good job Rockets!
  • Great night Rockets! Boys and Girls Track both earn wins at Margaretta.
  • The JV Team improves to 2-1 on the season win a 10-2 win over Genoa tonight! Great job ladies! Go Rockets!
  • BIG WIN: Varsity Baseball wins at Vermilion 3-0. Great job Rockets!!
  • Varsity Softball beats Vermilion 15-7. Great job Lady Rockets!
  • On a cold blustery night at Oak Harbor the JV Baseball team perseveres to beat the Vermilion Sailors 9-3. Way to go guys
  • Boys Tennis loses a tough one in Huron, 2-3

  • Congratulations to Addi Hasselbach!! Pole Vault Champion at Lakota Invite
  • Congratulations girls 4x800 Lakota Invitational Champions (Dornbusch , Sharkey, Zeitzheim, & Sievert)
  • Congratulations Triple Jump Champion Sam Lattea.
  • Congratulations to Branden Elmes on his runaway victory in the 100 hurdles at Lakota Invite
  • Congratulations boys 4x200 relay champions(Riechman,Duty,Elmes,Barton)
  • Congratulations boys Shuttle hurdle champions(May, Barton, Elmes, West)
  • Congratulations girls 4x200 Relay Champions Domanowski, Krupp, Dornbusch, Hetrick
  • Congratulations boys 4x100 Lakota Invite Champions of May, Duty, Riechman, and Buderer
  • Congratulations to Madison McKitrick winner of the triple jump at Lakota Invite
  • Double winner in the Shot and Discus Emily Wolf




WEEK OF 04/09/20183

Monday, April 9

4:15 PM A MS ~ Track - Port Clinton/Lakota/St. Joe - @ Port Clinton

4:30 PM A HS ~ Boys Tennis - Fremont St. Joe

4:45 PM A HS ~ JV Baseball - Willard

4:45 PM H HS ~ Varsity Baseball - Willard

5:00 PM A HS ~ JV Softball - Willard

5:00 PM H HS ~ Varsity Softball - Willard

Tuesday, April 10

4:00 PM H HS ~ Boys Tennis - Port Clinton

4:30 PM A HS ~ Track - Sandusky

4:45 PM H HS ~ JV Baseball - Start

4:45 PM A HS ~ Varsity Baseball - Start

5:00 PM H HS ~ JV Softball - Maumee

Wednesday, April 11

1:00 PM HS ~ OCIS/Academic Booster Summer Job Fair

4:00 PM H HS ~ Boys Tennis - Sandusky

4:45 PM A HS ~ JV Baseball - Margaretta

4:45 PM H HS ~ Varsity Baseball - Margaretta

4:45 PM A HS ~ JV Softball - Margaretta

4:45 PM H HS ~ Varsity Softball - Margaretta

Thursday, April 12

4:00 PM H HS ~ Boys Tennis - Edison

4:45 PM H HS ~ JV Softball - Vermilion

Friday, April 13

4:45 PM H HS ~ JV Baseball - Port Clinton

4:45 PM A HS ~ Varsity Baseball - Port Clinton

4:45 PM H HS ~ JV Softball - Port Clinton

4:45 PM A HS ~ Varsity Softball - Port Clinton

Saturday, April 14

HS ~ Prom & Promenade

10:00 AM A MS ~ Track - Perkins Invite

10:00 AM HS ~ JV Softball - Whitmer (DH) - @ Ermie Fields in Toledo 12:00 pm

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The school district was founded on July 1, 1967 due to the consolidation of the Benton Township School District, the Carroll Township School District, and the Salem-Oak Harbor School District.Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School District, home of the Oak Harbor Rockets, serves 1700 students on three campuses: R.C. Waters Elementary School (Grades K--3), Oak Harbor Middle School (Grades 4--7), and Oak Harbor High School (Grades 8--12). The district is committed to serving the needs of all students to prepare them for the challenges of citizenship, the workforce, and life long learning.