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March 2022 Newsletter

Ka nui te mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa


Principals Message

COVID Update

Student-Led Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

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Message from the Principal

Ko Tokomaru te Waka - Our canoe is Tokomaru

Ko Taranaki te Maunga - Our mountain is Taranaki

Ko Herekawe te Awa - Herekawe is the river

Ko Te Atiawa te Iwi - Te Atiawa is our Iwi

Ko Ngãti Te Whiti te Hapu - Ngāti Te Whiti is our Hapu

Ko Te Kura Tuarua O Ngāmotu - Te Kura Tuarua O Ngāmotu is our School

Big picture

Every decision relating to the curriculum and every interaction that takes place in the school reflects the values of the school.

The school values are built around 21st-century competencies and were developed by staff and students.

Our school strategic plan orientates around 4 pou or principles.

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COVID Update


We are now in phase 3 of our Covid Red setting. Phases will be different as the cases in the community rise. Here is an important chart that explains Phase 3:

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The health and wellbeing of our children, staff and community is a top priority.

There are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our community and in our school.

Close contacts who are not household contacts no longer need to isolate — unless they have symptoms.

What this means at school:

If your child is a close contact they can come to school but must monitor symptoms for 10 days.

What this means for households:

If you live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you are considered a Household Contact and will need to isolate for 10 days. You must get a test on Day 3 and Day 10 of your isolation. If you develop symptoms you should get a test sooner. If you are a Household Contact and you test positive, you will need to isolate for 10 days.

What this means for people who are already identified as close contacts:

From Friday 25 February, if you are currently a Close Contact and are part way through your isolation, you do not need to complete your 10 days isolation and you will be permitted to leave. You do not need to get a negative COVID-19 test.

What you need to do:

You and your whānau should watch for symptoms.

If any develop, get tested immediately.

Please tell the school if you are Covid Positive OR are a household close contact and isolating at home. It is important to get this information so we can manage the school and keep people safe.

Then, stay at home until you receive the result.

What we’re doing:

We will stay open.

We have appropriate public health measures and cleaning procedures in place.

Symptoms of COVID-19

A new or worsening cough

Sneezing and runny nose

A fever

Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste

Sore throat

Shortness of breath

Less common symptoms include diarrhoea, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, malaise, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, or confusion/irritability.

For more information, go to

Noho ora mai
Nicola Ngarewa


Our plan

Remember that the school will run at all times. Your child's learning is important. The school will operate differently when cases rise and staff absenteeism is an issue. This is outlined in our please add our continuity plan.

Online learning

If your child is at home isolating and can complete their schoolwork, it is important that they access their learning through their Google Classrooms. We have a complete list of every Google Classroom for every teacher. We are offering an online zoom session for whanau wanting to better understand how google classroom works.

Thank you once again to all of our students, staff and wider community that have been so supportive as we have navigated this space.

Student-Led Individual Development Plans (IDPs) Online: March 23 2022

As this meeting is highly valuable, no normal classes will run on this day however ALL students and families are expected to have an IDP meeting.

IDPs have been put in place by Spotswood College to strengthen the partnership between students/school and parents/caregivers.

An IDP is a written plan which is part of the process of meeting students’ needs. It identifies:

  • What are the students' learning needs
  • What the student needs to learn
  • What are the students' interests and goals
  • What people will do to improve achievement
  • What resources are needed
  • What teachers we need to talk with on the Meet the Teacher Evening on the 22nd of May

The first IDP’s will be online on Wednesday, March 23 from 9-5 pm. They will be with you your child’s Pou Awhina, Learning Advisory teacher and should last approximately 20mins.

The day has been set aside for Learning Advisors to meet with students and parents/caregivers in order to review any previous IDP goals set and develop new goals and next steps to achieve them.

Appointments for the Student-Led IDP can be made through the event code is:


Once you have booked your interview you will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom meeting link.

Following on from the IDP there will be an opportunity to address any concerns around learning and achievement further with subject teachers at an Online Parent-Teacher Evening from 2.30 -7 pm on the 30th March. Appointments for the meet the teacher evening can be made through school the event code is:


Once you have booked your interview you will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom meeting links. It is important to note that each teacher will have their own link.

We look forward to working with you.

Nicola Ngarewa




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Deputy Principal

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Senior Leadership

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Senior Leadership

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Senior Leadership

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Year 12 and 13 Dean

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Year 11 Dean

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Year 10 Dean

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Year 9 Dean

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International Director

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One of the things we take very seriously and value highly here at Spotswood College is ensuring that we are embedding sustainability and sustainable practice into our curriculum and our daily operations at school.

Over the last 3 weeks our Junior students have been unpacking the global sustainability goals in an effort to respond to this content through the Impact Inquiry Programme.

This is based on the global sustainability goals.

Here at Spotty, we have some ongoing projects that are maintained by groups of inquiry students.

The Apiary was established last year, funded by the Earthwise Action Fund and with the help of Brian from New Plymouth Honey and Bee Supplies.

The product the hives supply is then used to create other Impact Inquiry projects such as BEE CALM by Tommy Balms.

We also have our market garden and newly established orchard which students in the Primary Industries Inquiry classes are tending to, and our chicken farm which supplies us with not only yummy free-range eggs but lots of fun and laughs.

Another ongoing project is our predator trapping project run by the Fabulous Jaqui Malloy.

We are constantly looking for ways to grow our sustainable practice and the Impact Inquiry programme allows students to investigate ways that they can turn their big ideas into reality and change their world for the better. For example, last year we created the beginnings of a mushroom farm here at Spotty.

Issac Hodgekinson designed this vertical hydroponics system.

Ace Evens recreated a monopoly board to help our younger generation understand the meaning of the global sustainability goals.

Many projects being made in our Junior Impact inquiry programme have the potential to grow and allow students to understand sustainable and ethically made products and business. Such as Ahi Tote, Spawa, Anisa’a Monster and these awesome toothpaste pellets!!


Hello, new Enviroschools project At Spotswood College in Taranaki, three students set up bee hives at the school thanks to the Earthwise Action Fund. Working with a local beekeeper to install the hives also designing their own logo and packaging for the honey! To find out more click below.


On Friday 25th February it was announced that vaccination mandates are no longer relevant to school sport. This means any student, regardless of status, can take their rightful place in their chosen sport. This decision is well received by Spotswood College Sport, as we believe sport is and has always been, a place welcoming diversity and accepting difference. To see our young people miss out on playing sport would have been a travesty.

Although the need to be vaccinated in school sports has become void, we do await further information regarding the use of council-operated venues etc. for events and competition. We will update our whānau and community when this information is shared.

With sports sign-ups well underway, we advise all students wanting to be involved in sport this year to see Matua Carlin immediately.

Our Athletics day is an important component of our school culture. Senior students have been working hard to have a well-planned day that involves competitive and fun events for everyone to be able to engage in.

We encourage all students to come dressed in their house colour themes and take an active part in this fun-filled day.

Normal timetables will run periods 1 and 2. After Interval all students will partake in Athletics on the top field.

Note Please

The event is outdoors and students do not need to wear a mask while they are exercising, competing, eating, or drinking during the day.

Equipment that students use will be sanitized after use as per the Covid Protection Framework for sport and recreational activity.

Students will be advised to maintain distance in house bubbles and with friends.

No visitors will be allowed.

Junior STEAM Courses

Junior STEAM courses are an integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

Today junior STEAM courses took their learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom

Living World - Junior Science course went snorkelling today at Ngamotu Beach to collect seaweed, and Waka Ama paddling on the beach!

Careers Updates

Year 13 University Officer Visits:

Friday 18th March will see Carl from Victoria University (Wellington) visit. Carl is the liaison officer and is available at 9 am in the Hall. All Year 13’s welcome.

Friday 25th March we welcome Prajesh from Otago University at 9 am in the Hall. If you are thinking of attending Otago then this talk is very valuable.

Vocational Pathways - Te Waka Huarahi

Trades Academy Update

This year we have 52 senior students attending WITT Secondary Tertiary courses.

The students attend WITT either one or two days a week to participate in an adult learning environment and with the opportunity to use industry-level equipment. Many courses are a combination of practical and theory-based work with students gaining many skills, a lot of new knowledge and valuable NCEA credits and micro-credentials. Our students attend courses ranging from the more traditional trades of plumbing, electrical and engineering to new courses in NZ Defence Forces, Visual Arts and Salon Skills or Beauty Therapy. We will keep you updated with the student’s progress throughout the year as they complete some fantastic and exciting project-based work.

Gateway First Aid Course

On Monday, February 28th and Tuesday, March 1st we had 19 students attend a Workplace First Aid course run by Career Force. This course allowed students to become qualified in first aid skills, gaining a nationally recognised certificate and also level 1-3 credits. This course allowed our Gateway students to attend a wide variety of work experience placements with confidence and some very highly desired skills. This course was an awesome opportunity and achievement for the students to add to their CV and skills kēte.


Reminder school finishes at 2.10 pm every Wednesday.

Events coming up:

A warm invite for all whanau to join us for this online session

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 770 5365 5578

Passcode: 0RaFWt

Big picture

11th School Athletics

15th School / ID Photos Catchup

16th Health and Safety Course

16th Google Classroom Online Session for Whanau

18th Victoria University Visit

21st Waste-free Period Education Programme Yr 9 & 10 Females

23rd Student-Led Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

25th Otago University visit

30th Parent Teacher Interviews

Each week the upcoming events are also shared through all of our communication platforms.

Professional Learning and Teacher Only Days In 2022, the Ministry of Education will be conducting a number of regionally-based professional learning days for teachers to discuss and prepare for the upcoming changes in the National Certificate in Education Achievement (NCEA). On these days all secondary schools in the region will be closed for regular classes.

The dates for the Professional Learning Days in 2022:

Friday 20th May

Monday 22nd August

Monday 28th November

School app

Spotswood College will be using SchoolAppsNZ to send out notices and information to our whānau. This is a free app available on Apple and Android devices. You can also access newsletters, contact the school about absences and find helpful links as well as quick access to Kamar. (Link below).


Kamar Portal


We have a school attendance target of above 90% for every student. To ensure that together we reach this, it is important that if you know your child is going to be absent from school, that you please contact the school by using one of the following options.

Option 1: Telephone the school on 06 751 2416 and speak to the receptionist (Tracey) or Attendance Officer (Jenine).

Option 2: Send a text to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) on 021 023 93060

Option 3: send an email to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) -

Option 4: Use the school app to log attendance.

Option 5: Leave a message on the Attendance hotline by calling the school on 06 751 2416 and press (1) to report a student absence. Record your child’s name, parents name, contact details and reason for absence.

If for any reason you are concerned about your child’s attendance, you can speak with the Attendance Officer (see contact details above) or she will pass you on to the DEAN or your child’s Learning Advisor.


If you arrive late to school you need to report to Student Services to sign in.

If it is after 9.00 am, we will need a note or phone call from your caregivers.

If you have to go out for an appointment your caregivers need to ring or email the school or sign you a note for this to happen.

You do not leave the school grounds without a pass.


You will always find a copy of the Daily Notices in Student Services, KAMAR and these are read out at the beginning of each day.

School Uniform

Our expectation as a school whanau is that our young people are in the correct uniform at all times. As we are now heading into cooler weather, it is important that students have the correct winter school uniform. Items can be purchased from our Uniform Shop. Students will be required to hand over non-uniform items which can be collected back at the end of the week.

We also have a large accumulation of uniforms that are a part of lost property that is kept in this space, If your child has a missing school item, please encourage them to check the lost property racks.

Uniform shop hours

Uniform shop hours each week are as follows:

8.00 am to 9.00 am & Interval - Monday to Friday.

Phone 751 2416 Ext 721 or 022 676 2750.

Student Wellbeing Services

Sick or injured at school

The sickbay is closed for any sick-related issues. If you are sick, we will contact home and ask for you to be picked up immediately. Please do not arrange this yourself as we need to know where you are at all times.

The sick bay is open to help with injuries.

A public health nurse is available for you and your caregivers if you have any concerns. This could be a rash, not sleeping well, regular headaches, ongoing health issues etc.

Please ask to talk to her privately. Consultations are confidential, offering information and advice. Health resources are available, with a choice of providers for referrals to agencies.

If further support or information is needed in regards to student wellbeing please contact Whaea Kiri on



Wednesday 2nd February – Thursday 14th April - (11 weeks)

Waitangi Day Monday 7th February

Anniversary Day Monday 14th March

Good Friday Friday 15th April

Easter Monday Monday 18th April

Easter Tuesday Tuesday 17th April

ANZAC Day Monday 25th April (falls in term vacation)


Monday 2nd May – Friday 8th July - (10 weeks)

Queens Birthday Monday 6th June

Matariki Friday 24th June


Monday 25th July – Friday 30th September - (10 weeks)


Monday 17th October – 9th December

Labour Day Monday 24th October

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