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Ms. Walston's 5th Grade Class

Upcoming Dates

October 12: Student Holiday

October 19 - 23: ITBS and Canned Food Drive

October 29: Field Day - Dress as a superhero

Curriculum Corner


We began our unit on division this week. You will notice the students applying a different method than what you might have learned in school. We use this method, so the students will have a better understanding of the traditional algorithm. While the traditional algorithm is not an expectation of fifth grade (sixth grade), I will also be exposing the students to this method as well. I encourage you to review the traditional method with them at home, as it can only help the process.

The key to division is for the students to know their multiplication facts. Invest in a set of flash cards for the car, and quiz your child on the way to activities.


We are in the process of finishing our PBIL projects. Most of the students took the time to learn a new presentation tool, so this will be helpful for the following projects. The projects will be due Wednesday, and we will present on Thursday.

Next, we will begin our unit on cells.

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Next week, we will shift our focus to grammar. Specifically, we will jump into interjections and prepositions.
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